Friday, 9 November 2012



So I'm not the only one who likes this song, ei.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sends shivers down my spine

Remember the last time you heard a song which was soooo good that you had goosebumps?

It had been such a long time since I had that little shudder of pleasure.

And then a friend posted up a video of Les Miserables' 10th anniversary youtube video on facebook.

Oh my days, I forgot how good that was.

I was so excited when the 25th anniversary videos were available on youtube. Yes, Colm Wilkinson and Michael Ball will be my first loves, but Alfie Boe and Norm Lewis were pretty good.

And then Nick Jonas appeared. I'm not against pop singers but...

It was the passion of Marius (Michael Ball) in this song that had me falling hard and fast. *Cue goosebumps*

And then we have a sudden lapse of judgement by the producers of the 25th anniversary production.
Like, seriously?! Where's Josh Groban when you need him?

Another great broadway love song that melts my heart.

Why am I not into ditsy Korean pop, Gaga or whatever strange new thing that comes up? Because I've heard good music.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm just another chick

...cause there ain't no doubt of my love for romcoms!

That moment when the man meets the woman and you think "They're bound to get together!"

The build up between their relationship because love at first sights are just so unsubstantial. 

And the oh-so-toe-curling romance. The stuff I LIVE for...

Cue long exaggerated sigh.
Age has made me slightly cynical about ever having a soppy-rom-com-worthy-gag-inducing romantic gesture ever happening in my life, but what is life without hope, ei.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pretty people

The world's not short of beautiful people. When I say beautiful, I mean...hubba hubba what a looker!

These are the men with the chiselled jaw, shoulders so broad you can call a country, perfectly formed guns and overall carved-by-an-angel stature.

These are the men I see on television, poster ads and if I'm lucky, walk by and take a large, possibly creepy, whiff of man scent which drives me up the wall.

These are the men we ladies run our eyes up and down their entire length whilst thinking, "I bet our babies will look beautiful."

For me, these are the adorable Ryan Reynolds, Cory Monteith and Jake Gyllenhall; the sexy Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Pierce Brosnan. Yes, even Pierce Brosnan despite the age gap, but my, he has aged like fine wine.

Innocently enough, despite drooling over all these men, I still get jealous when my own man looks at a pretty lady. Any pretty lady. Any lady. Any living creature that vaguely resembles a lady.

The world is also not lacking of beautiful women either...with legs that go on forever, porcelain skin, lushious locks and the perfect configuration of 36-24-36.

In fact, they are popping up like daisies, dancing and singing their way into our lives in the form of Korean girl bands. They're so mesmerising-ly attractive that even I, a straight and happily attached person, CANNOT get my eyes of them. So how can I expect men to tear themselves from ogling?

There is no way. So whenever I feel that bubble of annoyance threatening to spew out as a butt load of jealous rage when my man ogles a pretty lady, I calmly tell myself, "Girl, you've checked out about 5 men on your way to work today and ran your hands against the computer screen trying to feel Cory Monteith's abs. Give the man a break."

Sunday, 9 September 2012


There is a game that lovers play. A game that hurts both ends.

The whole idea is so infantile and yet, we all do it, whether consciously or not.

Is there even a name to the game? If not, I shall christened it 'Who-shall-crack-first?'.

It's a game where couples hide their true feelings, hoping to psycho-terrorise their 'loved' ones into submission.

"Would you like me to stay?"
"You can do what you want"
"I want to make you happy."
"I'll be unhappy regardless"
"Well, then I'll just leave"

As you can see, both parties are well into the game and unwilling to let their guards down.
The consequence, she left and nobody's happy.

"There's this cute guy at work"
"Oh yeah? Any flirting going on there?" as nonchalantly said as possible
"I think I might."
"You trust me, don't you? It's just for fun."
"Of course, I might just do the same."

Do YOU think it's possible that both are fine with their 'one and only's messing about with another person of the opposite sex? I don't think so.

"That girl, she's special to me. I'd treat her nice."
"I see," voiced with shaky confidence.
"You'd be all right with me hanging with her, right?"
"Yeah, sure."


Oh and my personal favourite, the who-calls-first-after-a-huge-fight-despite-both-wanting-each-other-to-call-desperately.

Couples get into fights, that's not unusual. But then comes the game that brings mental torture, especially if it happens before bedtime. They lie in bed, unable to get any shut eye because nothing is settled. There is anger, disappointment, discontent; but also the conscience to want to make things right and the fact that they miss each other. So they toss and turn, waiting for the other to make the first move and apologise. One night becomes a day, a day turns into a week. One of them will eventually start to worry and wonder if the other is still alive.

This cycle will eventually break when the BETTER person strips all pride and arrogance, leaving the other triumphant.

But in actual fact, nobody wins. Both have been battered and bruised, having gone through this nonsensical and unnecessary pain caused by none other but themselves.

I've played these games well into my teenage years and early twenties...Perhaps it's time to stop? How hard is it to be honest with one another?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

An old pair of shoes can be the most comfortable thing in the world.

However, the shoes have to be broken in to fit perfectly.

One will have to endure painful blisters and bleeding before reaching the desired comfort.

Well, that's it. New shoes make you bleed.

There is simply no need to 'metaphor'ise everything.

Inspiration? Well, m'new shoe's makin' me bleed, so I thought I'd enlighten y'all with this fact.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Reading a bad book similar to self mutilation.

Ever since I've gotten my kindle (still the best gift ever until somebody gets me a brand new BMW), I've been downloading free ebooks off Amazon.

But man, there are truly a number of crappy writers out there!

Last Saturday was a beautiful day which I unwittingly spent on a book I shall summarise as 'sh*t'. Why, I hear you ask, did I even finish it when it makes my eyes water with embarrassment for the author with each paragraph written?

Because I always expect some kind of twist towards the epilogue which will eventually make me sigh with content and think, "Well, that was not bad at all."

However, with this book, as I reached the very last word, I stared at the page and uttered "That's just plain sh*t."

What gives me the right to judge this book which may be a matter of personal opinion? It is because I myself have written a similar story filled with fanciful wishes and unrealistic romance. The kind of selfish thinking only a tween/teenager can conjure. Even then I was conscious enough to know my story was crap.

Storyline: A girl who thinks she's plain boring (but is actually really hot) gains magic powers one day. Having discovered her new-found power of farting butterflies when she giggles, she falls in love in a 6 foot plus hunk with abs (in high school might I add) who (surprisingly! 'eye roll') falls in love with her. Not very coincidently, her bestest best friend in the whole wide world also gains super powers so they can now read each others minds! Her best friend falls in love with the hunk's best friend and the couples make out in front of each other for half the book. Here's the twist, the hunk is actually a vampire who is very rich and can afford to buy her new clothes! The girls succeeded to make the whole school jealous which satisfies their inner bitches whilst being portrayed as the 'good guys' throughout the whole story. The end.

You may now puke blood.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


On my way to work this morning, I unearthed my mp3 player and turned it on for the first time in a whole year.

After the first couple of songs, a familiar tune rang in my ears.

Have you ever watched a movie when you were really young, and then re-watch it when you're older? Did you have that "Oh my gosh! So that's what it actually meant!" moment?

Well, it happened while I was listening to that song. I have always loved the melody, but brushed past the lyrics as just another love song, despite knowing it by heart.

命中注定, 上帝说原谅你, 要我们黏在一起
还是爱你, 没办法讨厌你
命中注定, 上帝说就是你, 我想念你的呼吸
我只爱你, 姐妹说忘记你

As I walked along the pedestrian, I muttered a silent "Ohhh, I get it" to no one in particular. I have loved, and lost, and loved again (repeat cycle a couple more times). I know what the song means.

I love how it is God that decides our fate.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Grown up post

Damn all the wedding proposals and planning all over my facebook wall.

You're making me yearn things I'm not ready to stomach.

But there's the one which touched me to the core.

Why this particular couple?

I discovered Bubzbeauty 4 years ago, when I was desperate to learn how to paint my face with products. Since then, I've followed her through as I follow my favourite sitcom.

It's just strange, watching someone grow up and then realise you're really not that far behind.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A new addition

Meet Whiskey. 
After a traumatising bath

I know, she's adorable. She hops instead of run!

Ready to hop off
We got her for RM3 (a very tiny price to pay to give a kitten a good chance in life) at the central market. Reason: To catch vermin (which is the excuse I use so my parents would let me get a kitten!)

Unfortunately, RM3 was not the only price I had to pay (well, not including kitty food and toys). My immune system has come to hate cats. Tiny scratches will swell and itch. There will be unending sneezing, itchy nose and eyes and nasal congestion. Those are easily controlled though, with loratidine once a day.

The wheezing and coughing however, are a little troublesome. I've come to accept that I have an exacerbation after a week of dosing myself to the brim with salbutamol. My paediatrician (yes, I still see her despite being the ripe ol' age of >18) told me to stay away from the cat and gave me 3 days worth of steroids to control my allergies.

But who can stay away from that cute lil' face. So I got myself a couple of surgical masks, a brand new inhaler and played away! We've taken to calling her "Whiz" now. Short for Whiskey, obviously, but how ironic that it sounds like 'wheeze'.

Mom said I'm stubborn and warned me of friends who ignored warnings about their health. They've passed on now. Perhaps I should be more wary. Don't wanna be growing muscles and mustaches from having to constantly take steroids.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Every once in a while the barrier is weakened.

You forget the reason you had to be strong. You give up on trying to fight for whatever you're fighting for. You give in to the very forces that denies you peace.

There are times all that I've done wrong just comes crashing down on me: my regrets, my wrong choices, my wrong-doings.

Most days, I am able to reason with myself to ensure that I have made the right choices, that what's done is done, that I can learnt from the past.

But sometimes, I just wish I was a completely different person, who have chosen a different path in life.

On a day like this, I wonder who could ever love me for who I am, other than God.

Who could genuinely love a person with so many flaws when there are better people to love in the world?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shopping is a hassle!

Today, my friend picked out a beautiful floral cut-out dress at Karen Millen for me to try out.

Hurriedly, I grabbed a pair of gorgeous silky, taupe heels from the shelf.

I slipped into the whole outfit and opened the curtains to reveal the look.

We were both left with our mouth gaping open.

It was so gorgeous.

Having made up my mind to purchase the set, we fumbled for the price tag...

...which led me to carefully remove the dress and gently hand it to the nice salesperson serving us that day.

Touche Karen Millen.

For I may be but a poor and lowly student today, but I shall have you when the time comes.

Friday, 25 May 2012


- between a girl and her food.

"I should lose some weight before my grad ball and get ready for summer!"

says the girl who is currently munching on half a packet of m&ms and a couple of cinnamon and raisin bagels...after a dinner of chocolate muffins and instant noodles.

Perhaps I'll poop them all out tomorrow and it'll be all okay.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tribute to my childhood

Why have I never heard of this song? How is it that I looked past a piece by Westlife!

It's so lovely...
Technically, it's 1/4 Westlife as it's a solo by Shane Filan, but still lovely.

I also came across a video of their farewell...'concert/documentary', I suppose.

Listening (and screeching along) to old Westlife songs really brought back memories of my teenage years, and AMAZEMENT as to how I memorised the lyrics for the first 4 albums! They taught me the beauty of love and heartache, well, their song writers did. They gave me the words to compose my most beautiful daydreams (which saved me from boredom in school).

They were the best boy band a girl could admire. Grounded and dedicated to their career, with no fancy make up, no crazy wardrobes and no bad publicity (hats off to their top notch publicist). They grew up along with their songs and they retire for the right reasons - their family. But most of all, they have that soul-melting, heart-stealing Irish accent. <3

A tad sad I'd never see them in concert. Ever =(

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Testosterone overload

So I just watch the Avengers Assemble.

It was beautiful! Yes, beautiful...Not only did the directors satisfied the need of men for violence and sexy women, they've thoughtfully satisfied the ladies with mouth-watering hunks!

Lemme tell ya, it's just so faith restoring knowing there are still testosterone clad, perfectly formed male species in the wild. 

Oh, if I could just get a piece of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, or either one, I'm not picky.

Mm Mm Mmmmm! Gorgeous...

You! Yes, you down there...

Wipe of that make up and grow a pair...or a beard at the very least.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Even the sun sets in paradise

This song is great.

Originally by Maroon 5, but I honestly prefer Jason's cleaner and un-autotuned version. The beats in the original are cooler though.

Anyway, Jason and a whole bunch of other youtube stars are having a concert in SINGAPORE in May. Sort of wish I could go, but eh....

Saturday, 14 April 2012

AES - Acute Exam Syndrome

It's exam season, hence the acute and frequent hurling of blog posts. Other symptoms include the obsessive compulsion to clean, cravings for gummy candies and constant drowsiness.

This song, I found during one of my procrastination episodes (hallmark of the AES) and I love it (the French version more than the English).

Quelle heure est-il où tu es? (What time is it where you are)
Un autre avion et tu repars (Another plane and you'll leave again)
Je me sens si loin si tu savais (I feel so far away, if you only knew)
J'attends ton retour encore (I'm still waiting for you to come back)
C'est comme si on vivait à l'envers (It's like we're lliving the other way around)
J'aimerais te dire qu'on pourra si faire (I'd like to tell you we could live this way)
But trying to figure the time zone's makin' me crazy

You say good morning when it's midnight
Going out of my head alone in this bed
Quand je m'endors tu te reveilles
(When I fall asleep, you wake up)
Et je compte les heures j'en perds le sommeil
(And I count the hours, it's making me lose my sleep)
and my heart heart heart is so jet lagged
heart heart heart is so jet lagged
heart heart heart is so jet lagged
so jet lagged

Je te cherche quand tu n'es pas là (I search you when you're not there)
Dans une semaine je reviendrai (I'll be back in a week)
Je perds mon souffle quand tu t'en vas (I lose my breath when you go away)
Je m'imagine à tes côtés (I imagine you by my side)
Même si j'essaie de l'ignorer (Even when I try to ignore it)
Tu es toujours là dans mes pensées (You're always in my thoughts)
Trying to figure out the time zone's makin' me crazy

You say good morning when it's midnight
Going out of my head alone in this bed
Quand je m'endors tu te reveilles (When I fall asleep, you wake up)
Et je compte les heures j'en perds le sommeil (And I count the hours, it's making me lose my sleep)
and my heart heart heart is so jet lagged
heart heart heart is so jet lagged
heart heart heart is so jet lagged
So jet lagged

Je suis perdu sans toi (I'm lost without you)
je t'attends encore (I'm still waiting for you)
Je suis perdu sans toi (I'm lost without you)
Mais rentre il est tard (Come back, it's getting late)
Je suis perdu sans toi (I'm lost without you)
Et je veux vivre ton aurore (I want to live your sunrise)
Je suis perdu sans toi (I'm lost without you)
Et qu'on s'en sorte plus fort (And we'll get out of this stronger)
And turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me

Friday, 13 April 2012

Sweet, sweet thoughts

I was talking to a friend today, and she was sad about having to leave the UK after graduation.

She'll be leaving behind the closest friends she had in 4 years and her boyfriend, knowing their lives probably will never cross again.

"How do you do it?" she asked. "It's so hard, and sometimes I really feel like giving up." We were talking about long distance relationships.

This was what I told her.

"It just never crossed my mind. It is NOT an option. It's like having an argument with your parents and getting really mad at them. You can't just break it off with them because even after a fight, they're still gonna be your parents. xxxx is family. No matter how hard it gets, it's not possible to just break it off."

That is how I see it anyway.

Even when I am seriously pissed at him and wish with every fibre of my body to hurt him, I know that I still love him...despite all the hate and pleasant thoughts of physically removing his leg hairs with tweezers so he'll feel constant, torturous pain (I didn't tell her that, obviously).

On a COMPLETELY different note, I'm studying at UCL! I still can't get my head around it.
The impact of it finally hit me when I used my VALID UCL card to enter the Science Library, and LOGGED IN into a UCL computer!

I'm not saying that The School of Pharmacy, UoL was utter crap before the merge, but it was never ranked due to its independent nature. I love ol' LSOP, I really do.What's more,
THIS (LSOP crest)
is so much cooler than

THIS (UCL logo)

Putting that aside, I'm in the top 10 university in the UK and the top 20 in the world! WOW. It was my dream to study in a top ranking university, as a medic, but that failed. But why not as a Pharmacist, ei! The Lord is indeed great and His plans for me are glorious! Praise Him, we must! XD

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Hunger Games

is a deliciously addicting series of novels to read!

As thrilling as Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses series, centred around political oppression and the hunger for justice.

An easy read but beautifully scripted which moves me to tears at some parts and sends adrenaline coursing through my veins at others.

Sigh....the awkward moment when you're done reading a really good book and realise your life is over.

And no, I have not watched the movie yet.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Erik's so adorable!

Yes, I do understand that he is a fictional penguin and real ones smell funny.

Anyway, I've been addicted to the song 'Under Pressure' by Queen. I heard it first from the musical 'We Will Rock You' and 'Happy Feet 2' before I heard the original. They are all awesome.

Um boom ba de, um boom ba da de

And just because these lyrics....

'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for,
The people on the edge of the night,
And loves dares you to change our way of,
Caring about ourselves,
This is our last dance,
This is our last dance,
This is ourselves.

...are so much better than these...

If you cute than your crew can roll
If you sexy eat my Koo-Koo-Roo
Put ya cape on, you a super hoe
2012, Im at the superbowl
Stupid hoes is my enemy
stupid hoes is so wack
Stupid hoe shoulda befriended me
Then she coulda prolly came back!

Where'd all the love go?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Got myself a...

little black dress!
Sunnies were free...complimentary from the programme 'paint'

...along with a couple of vintage looking pendants. I legally own, through approved transaction of currencies, the bird-cage and high-wheel bicycle (Penny-farthing it's called. Bet you didn't know that.)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

It was a dozen long stem roses. Merci, mon cheri, for the surprise.

In the words of Bon Jovi, "Thank you, for loving me". Tu es l'amour de ma vie.

P/S Shredded my fingers from the nasty thorns trying to arrange them in my glass/vase. Doesn't the random French phrases make the post just that much more classy =)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Dilemma of the century

I don't wanna study no moooooreeee!!!

But you have to...

But I CAN'T!!! I'm tired... and it's booooriiinnngggg....

It's only 'nother few hours...just a few more chapters left.

But I don't wannnaaaaa....

It's only reviewing them. Go on. You can do it...


Good girl.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

CNY Eve old pal called and asked if I wanted to meet up for a CNY meal.
Despite exams looming, I said '好啊!没问题!'
She made immediate reservations to a restaurant of her choice.
I asked for the name of the restaurant to which she replied 'I don't know. It's too long. I'll email the link to you.'

The following describes my reaction when I saw the name of the restaurant in which we will be dining on Chinese New Year's Eve 2012.
Award-winning restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, who needs massive family reunions and unconditional love! *silent sob*

Love the red, white and black theme going on.
Our menu for the day.
For starters: Salmon carpaccio
Egg Cocotte
...which I finished before remembering to take a photo.
The bowl's pretty cool though

Cold Jerusalem artichoke soup
For mains: Ox cheek with celeriac mousseline
Pan fried sea bream with vierge sauce
For dessert: Mango mousse and coulis with sorbet
Chocolate mousse with bitter chocolate sorbet and oreo cookie crumb
All the while staring at young, sexy chefs preparing our food.
Look at them go...
Who would've thought men would look 10 times hotter when julienne-ing a pineapple

So that was the night we stuffed ourselves silly with food to fill the emptiness that this city has brought unto us. Nevertheless, the effect was short acting and I returned to my flat longing to be in close proximity with my loved ones at 30 Brooke Drive, Rejang Park and Lim Han Swee. Yeeup...I forgot the full address for the other two residences.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


It just occurred to me that I have learnt SO much during my time in boarding school.

My boarding school is the epitome of British...especially meal times!

For breakfast, we have your regular toasts, bacon and cereals. And then I was introduced to waffles. Oh, they're not your American or Belgian sweet batter waffles. These are deep-fried potato waffles.

Poached eggs! We don't do poached eggs in Malaysia. Why don't we do poached eggs in Malaysia?? They're delicious!

Of course every Sunday we have the full monty for brunch: fried eggs, bacons, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, breakfast rolls, croissants and toasts.

And then we have lunch. Pork with apple sauce, roast beef with yorkshire pudding, stews of all sorts and fish and chips EVERY Friday. I love fish and chips every Friday. The Brits may complain all they want, but my school food was heavenly ESPECIALLY fish and chips on Friday. Mushy peas! Why aren't we served mushy peas with fish and chips in Malaysia??
Granted, they may sometimes look like baby sick, but they're absolutely yum-dilly-icious!!

The salad bar was an adventure itself! Rice an Asian who eats warm, fluffy rice as a staple, I was appalled with rice salad! Grains of dry rice served COLD with corn kernels and bell peppers. ABOMINATION is what it is. But I also discovered the joy of smoked mackerel, pickled gherkins and chicken caesar salad tortilla wrap. Mmm....

Then comes dessert. Sponges with custard, fruit pies with rich cream, trifles and one I have always found so very odd...The cheese platter. For months, I always wondered why they served various sorts of cheese (philly cream, cheddars, brie) alongside grapes and apples as well as different types of crackers. What was this strangeness?? Cheese for me goes in sandwiches, burgers, pizzas! Not with a celery stick and so ta pia!

Mulled wine is another label I learnt in boarding school. Never have I heard, seen or tasted mulled wine until my uni years. It's a concoction of citrus juices, zests, spices and wine warmed to bring the flavours together. I think it smells wonderful.

Flapjacks...chewy, delicious and oozes with butter. But after I've learnt of the buckets of butter poured in to make the thing, I've avoided it like a plague.

I miss my old boarding school. I miss the excitement of facing something new each day. But it's okay. This time next year, I'd be in another phase of my life learning more.

Yes, I was almost obese during my time at boarding school.