Monday, 17 December 2007

Funny things, us humans...

Well well, basically only a couple of actually VIEW my blog and Terry's insisted on an update,'s to you Terr...!! Official dedication to my truest fan! Have a Caramel Latte Macchiato on the house! Oh, I know you love the publicity!

oh...hear the sweet heaven of angels sing.....Thou art more creamy and smooth~

It's the third day into my Christmas holidays which gives me time to bore you with the usual tales of my most exciting moments. I've got to say, this term has been one heck of a self-realisation course. I realised I actually suck at sports, I can't touch electronic items without them bursting in flames (my brand new ipod here is proof, along with my laptop, and most recently, my friend's laptop!), oh and...I not only have 1 friend who beats me in EVERYTHING I thought I was good at, but TWO freakin' friends! that that's all out, wanna see some pretty pictures I found? *Grins widely, almost eerily*
These, I gotta say, are pretty cool~

I've come to appreciate SURREAL art as well!

Pirate marshallows!!

And this is how sun-maid raisins are made! It's good for ya, kiddies!

Plenty more where that came from but...I'll give it a rest now. So, what about my personal life, I hear u ask.. Or maybe not...but hey, I'm the writer. You're just the poor sod who has nothing better to do but read blogs. No offence...

I finally have access to internet, obviously...woohooo!! I'm kicked out of school and most of my friends have gone back to their home countries (leaving me to rot alone here *sob*). I have a huge test coming up after this holiday which I find really hard to care about. Oh dear God, help me. All I want to do is sit on a cozy couch with a warm fuzzy blanket and fluffy pillows as I glue my eyes to the television screen showing Christmas premiers. On top of that, I want a cup of steaming hot chocolate topped with marshallows and cream and a bag of crisps at arms length. Sigh....

Last week, I was forced to buy a dress (Jane Norman dress for 40 pounds!) for the Cabaret dinner which I doubt I'd ever wear again. It'll make a lovely present for my mommy when I go back next summer. The dinner was great though, not the food (which was a load of cold dishes) but the performances. Students here are just dripping with musical talent and they were just so amazing to watch. As loyal as I am to Methodist School's choir, I doubt they'd be able to compete with the weekly chapel choir here.

Anyway, I'm starting to bore myself now...Ergo, you must be bored. Until next time, tune in to the magical wonders of MY BLOG!

Oh...and here's something bizzarely cute to eye on....