Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm just another chick

...cause there ain't no doubt of my love for romcoms!

That moment when the man meets the woman and you think "They're bound to get together!"

The build up between their relationship because love at first sights are just so unsubstantial. 

And the oh-so-toe-curling romance. The stuff I LIVE for...

Cue long exaggerated sigh.
Age has made me slightly cynical about ever having a soppy-rom-com-worthy-gag-inducing romantic gesture ever happening in my life, but what is life without hope, ei.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pretty people

The world's not short of beautiful people. When I say beautiful, I mean...hubba hubba what a looker!

These are the men with the chiselled jaw, shoulders so broad you can call a country, perfectly formed guns and overall carved-by-an-angel stature.

These are the men I see on television, poster ads and if I'm lucky, walk by and take a large, possibly creepy, whiff of man scent which drives me up the wall.

These are the men we ladies run our eyes up and down their entire length whilst thinking, "I bet our babies will look beautiful."

For me, these are the adorable Ryan Reynolds, Cory Monteith and Jake Gyllenhall; the sexy Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Pierce Brosnan. Yes, even Pierce Brosnan despite the age gap, but my, he has aged like fine wine.

Innocently enough, despite drooling over all these men, I still get jealous when my own man looks at a pretty lady. Any pretty lady. Any lady. Any living creature that vaguely resembles a lady.

The world is also not lacking of beautiful women either...with legs that go on forever, porcelain skin, lushious locks and the perfect configuration of 36-24-36.

In fact, they are popping up like daisies, dancing and singing their way into our lives in the form of Korean girl bands. They're so mesmerising-ly attractive that even I, a straight and happily attached person, CANNOT get my eyes of them. So how can I expect men to tear themselves from ogling?

There is no way. So whenever I feel that bubble of annoyance threatening to spew out as a butt load of jealous rage when my man ogles a pretty lady, I calmly tell myself, "Girl, you've checked out about 5 men on your way to work today and ran your hands against the computer screen trying to feel Cory Monteith's abs. Give the man a break."