Monday, 17 December 2007

Funny things, us humans...

Well well, basically only a couple of actually VIEW my blog and Terry's insisted on an update,'s to you Terr...!! Official dedication to my truest fan! Have a Caramel Latte Macchiato on the house! Oh, I know you love the publicity!

oh...hear the sweet heaven of angels sing.....Thou art more creamy and smooth~

It's the third day into my Christmas holidays which gives me time to bore you with the usual tales of my most exciting moments. I've got to say, this term has been one heck of a self-realisation course. I realised I actually suck at sports, I can't touch electronic items without them bursting in flames (my brand new ipod here is proof, along with my laptop, and most recently, my friend's laptop!), oh and...I not only have 1 friend who beats me in EVERYTHING I thought I was good at, but TWO freakin' friends! that that's all out, wanna see some pretty pictures I found? *Grins widely, almost eerily*
These, I gotta say, are pretty cool~

I've come to appreciate SURREAL art as well!

Pirate marshallows!!

And this is how sun-maid raisins are made! It's good for ya, kiddies!

Plenty more where that came from but...I'll give it a rest now. So, what about my personal life, I hear u ask.. Or maybe not...but hey, I'm the writer. You're just the poor sod who has nothing better to do but read blogs. No offence...

I finally have access to internet, obviously...woohooo!! I'm kicked out of school and most of my friends have gone back to their home countries (leaving me to rot alone here *sob*). I have a huge test coming up after this holiday which I find really hard to care about. Oh dear God, help me. All I want to do is sit on a cozy couch with a warm fuzzy blanket and fluffy pillows as I glue my eyes to the television screen showing Christmas premiers. On top of that, I want a cup of steaming hot chocolate topped with marshallows and cream and a bag of crisps at arms length. Sigh....

Last week, I was forced to buy a dress (Jane Norman dress for 40 pounds!) for the Cabaret dinner which I doubt I'd ever wear again. It'll make a lovely present for my mommy when I go back next summer. The dinner was great though, not the food (which was a load of cold dishes) but the performances. Students here are just dripping with musical talent and they were just so amazing to watch. As loyal as I am to Methodist School's choir, I doubt they'd be able to compete with the weekly chapel choir here.

Anyway, I'm starting to bore myself now...Ergo, you must be bored. Until next time, tune in to the magical wonders of MY BLOG!

Oh...and here's something bizzarely cute to eye on....

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Pon and Zi

Right...every lobe in my brain has been arguing back & forth on whether I should make this post. I guess the frontal lobe has lost on account you're sitting here reading my irrationally made decision to post it up!
Last year, I came across this adorable thing on a friend's display picture on msn...

A few days later, he changed it into this little guy

I figured I shouldn't be a copycat and steal his ideas to use these ADOWABLY KiiiioooOOoot *snuggles* um...thing as my display pictures. A year later....I find myself compulsively searching the internet (thank God for technology!) and ending up with almost 100 different pictures of PON AND ZI (that's their names!).

Here's a few of my favourites...

"Ron! This is perfect for ya, cuz!"

"Gah! Feel the lurve~ people!!"


"Can't you just feel ur heart growing all fuzzy and warm !"(mould infection, i hear u ask?)

"Oh, who am I kidding?! I love 'em all!!!"

"I'd still want him (or her *shrug* who can tell) to be my doctor!"

"Falling for you. D'u get it? D'u get the picture? Smart ain't it..."

"I love gummi bears!"

Appreciation should go to Jeff Thomas who created these 2

Seriously, even if I may seem tough and intimidating on the outside, I'm actually a real softie with a sweet personality...I'm your regular girl-next-door who adores sweets, cookies and blueberry muffins. I enjoy pretty flowers and make lovely cards for people on their birthdays. My motives are innocent, I love surprises and I adore chocolates. Ooo...and I oh-so-love teddy bears!


Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! *INHALES deeply* wahahahahaha!!!!! Okay, who believed that?! Seriously! Fess up! Sweet...innocent motives.....wahahhaa!!!
*leaves while wheezing and frantically searching for a ventolin inhaler*

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Once again, this school has managed to send a wave of misery among us fellow students. Yet another instant messaging website is blocked! Do they desire us to live in isolation, away from the outside world?! I mean, fair enough if they block youtube to stop innocent young minds from wandering into the realms of sexual darkness. But depriving us of chatting, especially to us FOREIGNERS, is just cruel!! I've been endlessly searching for IM web pages to satisfy my humanly needs to communicate with my family and friends, but do they show us any compassion...?? NOOoOOooOooo~~ Do they THINK we grow bloody money trees in our bloody backyards?! They block each and every website I throw up them! Here's a NON-COMPLETE list of what I've used and they've BLOCKED over the year...

And I threw in couple with blocks ip addresses

Believe you me, this is just the beginning of the list! SIGH~~Oh yeah, did I mention, I can't download any friggin thing as well. Gr...!!
Well, here's a cute picture of a hamster to end this delightful post. Have a lovely day!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ah....quiz night. What a night to remember. It begins with bored-looking me surrounded by a german, a half-french, a honkie, a czech republican and a couple of british blokes as my team members (Team 3 RAWKS!!). As hard as I try to look knowledgable, there’s no way I could know what street the ‘Desperate Housewives’ live on and the Prime Minister of Britain during the 1st World War!

After an hour of what feels like my slow death, I was saved by the arrival of pizza deliveries! Honestly, my share of half of a large Domino’s pizza saved my dying soul!
yeah....mine looked pretty much like that one!

I resumed to my original position with my group and there it was....analytical riddles to solve! I thanked the Lord and found I was having the most fun for the first time for the whole evening.

Answers:1) West Indies 2) Water Ship Down 3) Three Musketeers 4) Clean Underwear 5) 6 feet under 6)Tennis shoes 7) Out of the blue/Blue movies 8)The good, the bad and the ugly 9)Frank Sinatra 10)Side Salad

Heck, that was brilliant! I actually contributed a couple of answers to my group (3 and 10, only because they’ve done the rest while I was enjoying my pizza!).
To complete my night, the mc announced 3 magical words...”the SCIENCE category!”. It was music to my ears~! (sad to say *sheepish grin*). I was beginning to feel hyper and got shivery by the second, probably due to the 2 cans of pepsi I’ve downed.
So I got the first question wrong...I thought gold was a better conductor than silver, only to find it’s the other way round (buggeration), but I still score with the other questions! Who knows that the platypus and echidna are egg laying mammals? I DO!! Who knows that dogs don’t sweat? I DO!! Who knows that the epligottis stops food from entering the wind pipe? I DO!! Well, only after 5 seconds of handing in our answer sheet, but who cares!
It was a great night...I found out the names of the 2 British blokes and German fella, whom I’ve been living in the same building with for 2 months. I realised I’m actually quite knowlegable in some categories, even if it’s not knowing that Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest American President. Of course, Union in sanscript (Indian) is yoga! Who wouldn’t know that! Yoga...Union...makes sense doesn’t it! -.-

Theodore says: LOL~ Yoga...Union...LOL
(i gotta get SOMEONE to laugh at my joke~!)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

NOOOoooOOoooOOooOoooo(diminuendo to a complete silence)

Ok...I don't see how is it necessary to have 3 blogs (msn, friendster and now this?!) at the same time but, what the heck!! Nobody reads this stuff anyway, at least not that I'm aware of.

I haven't really got anything interesting going on with my life..
  • no life threatening diseases
  • no bone crushing accidents

  • not stalked by a serial killer

  • and I'm probably not going insane due to severe long term stress (or am I??)

Heck, my life's virtually a blessing!

Neways...Today is the last day of my half-term break and I've gotta get back to school and adapt once more to survive without MSN and all those important/junk websites a student cannot live with. Being holiday-phobic since coming to England (Yeeup, I despise the holidays! It marks the beginning of exams and a engulfs me in a period of utter loneliness), I've done whatever I can (including spending a great few extra unneccessary pounds) to make this break enjoyable.

This is what happened:

Thinking we hated being lonely, Kelly, Christine and I opted to squeeze into one little bedroom for the next week.

Momo the doggy seems to enjoy being a headwear.

<----BTW, that cake expired weeks ago, but it still seems edible. Makes you wonder what sorta preservative they put in there~hm...

It fun as it get when you have a threesome. That didn't come out right, did it?

*innocent grin*

But really, this is what we basically did everyday:

On the 2nd week, I managed to visit a pre-lawyer at work! How so very exciting!

*powerful narative voice with echo* The hard work poured from his heart to fulfill his life-long ambition of rising as a legendary legal from this budding lawyer is not to be doubted!

He steadies on into the night, sacrificing 50% of his 40 required winks (-.-!! maybe i shouldn't mess with idioms) just to.....

.....surrender to sleep and admit that he's human.

Well, there we go. That's my story for now...TTFN ta ta for now!! WOooHoOhooHOoHOooooOOo..*bounces away like a mad stripey tigger*