Sunday, 4 November 2007

NOOOoooOOoooOOooOoooo(diminuendo to a complete silence)

Ok...I don't see how is it necessary to have 3 blogs (msn, friendster and now this?!) at the same time but, what the heck!! Nobody reads this stuff anyway, at least not that I'm aware of.

I haven't really got anything interesting going on with my life..
  • no life threatening diseases
  • no bone crushing accidents

  • not stalked by a serial killer

  • and I'm probably not going insane due to severe long term stress (or am I??)

Heck, my life's virtually a blessing!

Neways...Today is the last day of my half-term break and I've gotta get back to school and adapt once more to survive without MSN and all those important/junk websites a student cannot live with. Being holiday-phobic since coming to England (Yeeup, I despise the holidays! It marks the beginning of exams and a engulfs me in a period of utter loneliness), I've done whatever I can (including spending a great few extra unneccessary pounds) to make this break enjoyable.

This is what happened:

Thinking we hated being lonely, Kelly, Christine and I opted to squeeze into one little bedroom for the next week.

Momo the doggy seems to enjoy being a headwear.

<----BTW, that cake expired weeks ago, but it still seems edible. Makes you wonder what sorta preservative they put in there~hm...

It fun as it get when you have a threesome. That didn't come out right, did it?

*innocent grin*

But really, this is what we basically did everyday:

On the 2nd week, I managed to visit a pre-lawyer at work! How so very exciting!

*powerful narative voice with echo* The hard work poured from his heart to fulfill his life-long ambition of rising as a legendary legal from this budding lawyer is not to be doubted!

He steadies on into the night, sacrificing 50% of his 40 required winks (-.-!! maybe i shouldn't mess with idioms) just to.....

.....surrender to sleep and admit that he's human.

Well, there we go. That's my story for now...TTFN ta ta for now!! WOooHoOhooHOoHOooooOOo..*bounces away like a mad stripey tigger*


rence-terr said...

zee lawyer is chatting on zee msnnn..wee?

LeaLLY said...

Terr...! Thou art correct!.... That doesn't sound French, does it...Bah, Humbug!