Thursday, 10 December 2009

Flat Sweet Flat

Welcome to my humble abode, shared with 3 other flatmates: Cyn, Phil and Jen

Please remove your shoes unless you enjoy disinfecting floors on your OWN hands and knees after every visit to an Asian household.

Come through to the kitchen, as we do not have an area for visitors to lounge in (otherwise known as the reception/living room) due to our extreme lack of *£ka-ching£*

Do not be fooled by the luxurious look of the shelf and assume we have plenty, for the boxes and tins are empty...

By observing this cupboard, you can predict my dietary consumption for the next year: Cereal, cereal, more cereal, mustard, nutella...and then more cereal.

Next, ve 'ave ze bafroom. As ewe can seee, it iz beeutifooly decorated.

Finally, we have me bedroom. The smallest, warmest, cosiest room in me flat. XD There is a height restriction of 156cm to enter the room.

Me bookshelf of books I must touch

Me dad-made bookshelf of books I never touch

Half-view of me room

Me door-hanger thingy

Thank you for coming. I hope you've had a good time. Now, GET OUT!

Monday, 7 December 2009

"I wills..." follow up

DEC 2009

As I sit here during this ungodly hour, shivering in the bitter cold, my thoughts cannot help but to drift towards what has happened over the year...
  • I entered university
  • I went clubbing for the first time
  • Someone told me that he loved me
  • We went to Paris for the first time
  • I dated, comforted and loved
  • That someone left me shortly after
  • I cycled around London
  • I got my first job and pay check
  • I went to Italy with my parents
  • I bought my first bike
  • I rented my first flat and do chores *gasp*
  • Used to be proud to say I couldn't cook. Now, I'm even more proud to say 'I CAN COOK!'
  • A year ago, I sat with that someone at the audience watching a christmas performance.
  • A year later, I'm on the same stage performing, looking down at the audience and thinking it's okay that he's not there.

OCT 2008

1) Learn to do a hand stand! - FAILED!
2) Show off my hand stand everywhere I go... - FAILED!! duh~
3) Stick to one church which I find most comfortable - Nearly there =D
4) Be consistent at going to church, uni's Christian Union and Overseas Christian Fellowship meetings - PASSED!
5) Go to the gym at least 5 times a week and attend the classes - FAILED!
6) Wear clean socks and 'try' to shower after gym - Well, I do after jogging
7) Stay awake during lectures. Yes, even if it's Chemistry - FAILED!
8) Continue to play badminton despite that I am a dissappointment to the team - So So
9) Destroy my ego and improve badminton skills with help from ANYONE - PASSED
10) Try to sleep before 12am - FAILED, obviously, 2 am now
11) Wean myself off jellybeans and foods with sugar level of similar toxicity - PASSED! 'Cept for chocolates
12) Stick to hot chocolate and toasts EVERY breakfast, just to proof I can - PASSED for a few months
13) Tell the world that I eat bananas now! - PASSED
14) Delete all sorrow and keep my life busy - PASSED
15) On top of all my assignments and pray I pass the exam - PASSED my first year!

Needa come up with a new list...any suggestions, people?