Monday, 7 December 2009

"I wills..." follow up

DEC 2009

As I sit here during this ungodly hour, shivering in the bitter cold, my thoughts cannot help but to drift towards what has happened over the year...
  • I entered university
  • I went clubbing for the first time
  • Someone told me that he loved me
  • We went to Paris for the first time
  • I dated, comforted and loved
  • That someone left me shortly after
  • I cycled around London
  • I got my first job and pay check
  • I went to Italy with my parents
  • I bought my first bike
  • I rented my first flat and do chores *gasp*
  • Used to be proud to say I couldn't cook. Now, I'm even more proud to say 'I CAN COOK!'
  • A year ago, I sat with that someone at the audience watching a christmas performance.
  • A year later, I'm on the same stage performing, looking down at the audience and thinking it's okay that he's not there.

OCT 2008

1) Learn to do a hand stand! - FAILED!
2) Show off my hand stand everywhere I go... - FAILED!! duh~
3) Stick to one church which I find most comfortable - Nearly there =D
4) Be consistent at going to church, uni's Christian Union and Overseas Christian Fellowship meetings - PASSED!
5) Go to the gym at least 5 times a week and attend the classes - FAILED!
6) Wear clean socks and 'try' to shower after gym - Well, I do after jogging
7) Stay awake during lectures. Yes, even if it's Chemistry - FAILED!
8) Continue to play badminton despite that I am a dissappointment to the team - So So
9) Destroy my ego and improve badminton skills with help from ANYONE - PASSED
10) Try to sleep before 12am - FAILED, obviously, 2 am now
11) Wean myself off jellybeans and foods with sugar level of similar toxicity - PASSED! 'Cept for chocolates
12) Stick to hot chocolate and toasts EVERY breakfast, just to proof I can - PASSED for a few months
13) Tell the world that I eat bananas now! - PASSED
14) Delete all sorrow and keep my life busy - PASSED
15) On top of all my assignments and pray I pass the exam - PASSED my first year!

Needa come up with a new list...any suggestions, people?

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