Friday, 15 February 2008

I'm on the roll!!

CNY!!! Yeah, yeah..I know it's over and everybody else have punctually and faithfully jotted minute details of their experience...well, 'forgive me' (exclamation mark, exclamation mark) for being deprived of my blog >< *note the sarcasm* The weekend before, we... ...the Asian mafias (stop lookin...i'm never in pictures..Oooo..mysterious...) went down to the lovely Brighton, the only place we can find decent Chinese food + shopping mall + a beach front + a teeny weeny amusement park.

This is where we ate seriously delicious swirly ice-creams, freshly baked doughnuts, fluffy crepes and puffy cotton candy while we stroll along the pebble beach...seriously, no sand!

Of course, since we were by the beach, we HAD to have some seafood...

INTRODUCING: From your left, we have dog whelk, crawfish, prawn, muscles, lobster tails, octopus, raw oysters...etc etc!!!
AND YES!! We do HAVE jellied eels!

And then...we had a full blown Chinese meal of anything we can afford...Heh...
The next weekend, 3 extreme-Asian-loving teachers brought us to town to have more Chinese FOOD!!

I'm seems that all we do is eat. Well, it IS one of the pleasures of life! Well, that was how I celebrated Chinese New Year instead of the Malaysian tradition of visiting houses and indulging in cakes + soft drinks for all 3 meals of the day!!

i'm still alive~!!

It has been a while, my minions, since I have hypnotised you with my words of power. Lame as this may be, I shall pretend to go back in time and provide updates according to my chronological pleasure; of which I'm sure, is your ultimate pleasure as well. ('ha!', I hear u snort?)

Let us begin...with the sad tales of a boarder stuck in the middle of nowhere...Unfortunately, boarding isn't as interesting as the castles in Harry Potter or the adventures of whoever-it-might-be in Enid Blyton's fairy tales.

Here's the gang of us...they call us the Asian Mafia (which I'm PROUD to bear!), excluding the boys, of course.

From the left, we have Calista (HK, which is if u don't know, part of China. well, I didn't!!), Claire (Korea), me (M'sia!!), Christine and Shirley (both China)

Here's what we do during our spare time...........
Visit our Assistant's Housemistress'ssssess kittens!
Inqa before (just a few months ago)

And...after! (just a few days ago)
Here's mowgli who is Inqa's bigger (literally) brother...
1) Have pizzas delivered right after class and stuff our faces til we puke...

Claire says "Yum!", by the way...-------------->

2) occasional dinner parties thrown by the school...

3) ...and have food that looks like this..

To your left, we have a red berry a passion fruit mousse with a-funny-tasting-no-named sause. And to your right, we have the appetiser consisting of mushy yellow pepper, a piece of salami, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled olives, some sort of ham and mozarella balls for your chewing pleasure.

4) Go to town for a little grocery shopping...

5) then cook the stuff if we have the guts...(let's not talk about skills)

So there you go! A little glimpse of how I go through a typical term, reporting here at....Ardingly College, Haywards Heath...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, classes are compulsory so...yeah, they're part of a term too...*sigh*