Sunday, 11 April 2010

Makes me happy 4 =)

Jogging in Regent's park in SPRING! It's so gorgeous. Baby leaves sprouting from tree branches; blossoms spring out by the hundreds, looking like fluffy clouds....
Pure bliss....!

...My favourite spot...

...Completely cloudless...

Knowing that a beautiful place like this exists shocked me to the core. I'm ashamed to admit it, but sometimes I underestimated how amazing our God actually is.

I have made it a dream and hope now to one day visit this amazing little spot on earth.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Makes me 'not' happy =(

Imperfections are a total internal organs twitch at the sight of things that are out of place. A cup left out by someone, unwashed dishes in the sink, pens that are not arranged according to size, colour and usability.
So of course, every time I see myself in the mirror, I need to fight the urge to jump off a tall hope of convincing the surgeons who are realigning my spinal rearrange my face to look more appealing and to reconstruct my disproportionate body to look like Kate Moss'.

I was a clumsy child (still am, actually!). I am left with unattractive scars all over me. But thank God, I was given the ability to walk, hop, run into lamp posts!

My hair is a mass of tangled twigs that not even birds would consider fit as their nest. But thank God I'm not bald! No offence to the principals of Methodist Secondary School...

I have crap metabolism! A piece of fudge will require a 10km marathon to burn off. Otherwise, they'd just conveniently convert their sugary self into fat globules and settle in places I don't even think is appropriate to mention.
You know the process....But thank God as He has provided me with food on my plate and water to drink.
I hate having to wear glasses/contact lenses all day. But thank God I have the gift of sight! And one day, maybe the gift of lasic surgery from my parents XD

I absolutely LOATHE being short and chubby. It destroys me knowing that I will never be
perceived as beautiful...Even buying a pair of pants causes dilemma and so much pain...knowing this or that girl will look better in it and I'll just look like a lump of potato.
...not the most attractive thing in the world...
It's really, really difficult to be thankful...especially when living in a world which prizes beauty and material above all else.

But then, there was this ONE man who was willing to die for a lump of potato like me. So, I will live for Him, and for Him alone. So, in your face, world!

So every Sunday, I dress my best, knowing I am heading for a place that I will not be judged by anyone. I try my best to remember that I am worthy enough for God's love and sacrifice.

Happy Easter 2010 =D

I suppose I should get off the the top of Big Ben now and go home...