Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'll tell ya what love is~

When you've been with someone for too long, (be it siblings, parents, marital partners, close friends), you'll develop the instinct and excessively strong urge to kill him/her.

Oh yeah...that annoying twitch that she does; or the shrilly, naggy voice that he has...the incapability for you to understand why he insists on wiping his bum with Scott's toilet paper rather than Comfort's.

You know you'll feel the instant relief you'd experience if you could just wrap your fingers around their throats and stop that sound coming from their mouths they call talking.

But you know what holds us back? Love... that's right...Love stops us from murdering that person who is forever super-glued to our lives.

If he/she ever asks..."Darling, do you love me?"

Well, if he/she wake up the next can dignifyingly say "Well, I do believe I love you enough!"

-Revised from a stand up comic I watched on Youtube...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Future home

Haven't got a bloody clue what to blog about...

Found a totally cool camera application on my laptop though! "I've found my twin!"
"Leazilla says "RAWR!"

Life is just a big mash of uncertainty, for the moment...

1) Where am I suppose to stay during the summer?! I'm gonna be stuck in London, all alone, working in Boot's...(Yippee?).

2) Where am I gonna stay during my second year in uni?! See...this is the kinda place I wanna live in...

Nice big, modern kitchen
Stylish bedroom...Or this one down here is fine too...I'm not picky XP

Clean bathroom...This one is even fit for sharing so one can poop and another can pee at the same time. Saves time, you see.

And of course, a cozy living room...

Why can't I have this basic luxury of having my own domicile?
I'm guessing...not enough whining and tantrums...Mom, Dad!! GIMME!!!!

3) Not sure if I'm gonna past my first year exams...=(
Had an extemporaneous drug making exam yesterday...the experience was like baking poison without any recipes!! I've walked around the lab and took a few pictures....Beware future patients..."Hi there, ma'am...Yes, your Kaolin mixture is almost ready...We're gonna fix your diarrhea right up!"
"Hello, sir! Here's the constipation drug you need. We've even sculpted it in the shape of poopies to encourage your defecation process"

"Valium you say, miss...Why, I make the best...Even tried some myself"

I just realised there's a lot of mention about faecal matter in this post...