Thursday, 4 November 2010

Makes me happy 12 =)

It's really just the simple things...

'Specially when it comes from the heart.

What can I makes me happy =)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Whatever it takes

Recent song addiction

Despite the corniness, I do find song dedications quite endearing...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Makes me happy 11 =)

Mid-Autumn Fez!!! Mooncakes!!! Lanterns!!!

And my mom and dad, of course <3

Brandy, our lab puppy

Awesome Jodi Picoults!!!
This recent one is especially thrilling

Home =)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Facebook posts that weirds me out!

Recently, I saw a wall post describing a facebooker's faecal consistency...And that was the last straw! I had to get this issue out of my system. Therefore, I present to you my...


1) Of course, the one which describes daily faecal consistency

"Hm...Tis slightly runny and yellowish today. May I have your medical opinion, fellow facebookers?"

2) Description of nasal mucus and phlegm resulting from a cold which includes the colour and viscosity...urgh

"Aiya, why so green and sticky de! Oh no, it's all over my hand!! Aiyo, I accidentally ate some!!!"

3) Revelation of most recent disease despite the need to keep it secret to prevent nauseating the public. e.g. diarrhea, act of emesis, phlegm producing coughs

"I've got explosive diarrhoea! Help me...><"

No, my ex-facebook friend, I'd rather not.

4) The need to tell the world that one is suffering from minor ailments. E.g. runny nose, sore throat, a simple cold...However, have yet to seen one about athlete's foot or genital thrush. Have they still got a little bit of shame in them to reveal that? Will be waiting for that post.

"Oh my, I have a slight fever of 0.2 degrees. Somebody, quick! Leave me comments dripping with pity!"

5) Posting the same camwhored pictures of oneself. A few is absolutely fine. But after the millionth one, I suppose it's safe to say you're not very imaginative. You know the one.

6)The one when a greeting (e.g. birthday) is directed towards a person who is NOT a facebook user.

"To my beloved great great grandmother (who probably won't even know this greeting existed), Happy Birthday and I love you!"

The world of facebook has liberated our minds (and mouths) to announce every little detail in our lives. If facebook was brought to real life, it'll probably go something like this...
You're sitting in the middle of class. You felt an itch in your nose. You blow your nose onto a piece of tissue and hold it at arms length to observe. Without hesitation, you shout "Hey guys! My snots slimy with a tinge of green. What should I do?" And then you sit back down and wait for your various pals to inject you with a dose of sympathy.

Ah...I feel better now.
Please take note. Yours truly is not trying to offend anyone in particular. My sincere apologies to those who believe this post is purposefully aimed at someone such as yourself. And also my deepest sympathy.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Makes me happy 10 =)

Things I do that don't make sense to regular people

  1. Cook a crappy, 5 minute dinner with half a pack of instant noodles, fresh veg and some other random ingredient (e.g. ravioli/gnocchi/ham); then eat it while salivating over cook books. porn

  2. Stare into space with my mouth hanging open...believe me when i say my mind goes blank...cause it goes blank.


  3. Reduce the temperature of my room to that comparable of the polar areas - then build a fort with my hundreds of pillows - wrap myself up with 3 blankets - and read a good book.


  4. Compile a playlist of my favourite songs as hundreds of youtube website tags, and sing for hours!

    Can't stop me!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Thursday, 1 July 2010

I wanna...

experience all top eateries in London
...from little cafes and bistros to Michelin starred restaurants!

watch movies in cinemas
...with a gallon of coke and an extra large bucket of popcorn in hand

travel all over the world with anyone who wants to come along =)
...explore my own country and go to places I pathetically failed to remember for Geography exams... Langkawi, Redang, Tioman, Sabah...
...explore the whole of South East Asia...Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia
...visit friends in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China (my first stop)!
...collect entrance stamps from all over Europe...Norway to Portugal to Cyprus
...see the northern lights...Greenland, Scandinavia, Finland
...chillax on the beaches of Hawaii, the Caribbean, Canary Islands
...experience my dad's childhood in Canada the life of the girls in Sex and the City in New York in big ships to different countries
...conquer the whole WORLD!

have the guts to travel on my own befriend strangers along the way
...Spain, Italy, Greece sexy

I really wanna....


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Makes me happy 9 =)

Part time job at in an independent Pharmacy

Shopping with my bro (I know you LOVE it...Don't you dare mess up your new A & F polo)

Eating lobsters and gnocchi with my pals

Moving into a beautiful flat next to Regents Park

Free accommodation and transport arranged in China

An opportunity to gain work experience at NUH Singapore

Watching tv series and movies with my mom and dad back home

This summer's not gonna suck after all!


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Makes me happy 8 =)

Back in the days when alternative country music filled my ears...
Shania Twain - You're Still The One

When RM1 was a fortune for me
Roxette - It Must've Been Love

When I didn't know where babies come from
LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live

When my biggest problem was trying to get my grandpa to make his home-made fries
LeAnn Rimes - I Need You

Back in the good ol' days...


Monday, 24 May 2010

Makes me happy 7 =)

A really OLD (lol) and special friend mentioned me in her blog...=)
Thanks, Lin...Really made my day!

And I wanna thank Lea for being my the most amazing friend in the world. And reminding me of our sweet memories.

E.g. 1. walking together under the rain while my sandal was torn. Then she tied my sandal with one of her shoe's lace. Haha! Then we walked home. I was dragging myself home and not walking! LoL...I remember this =) BUY PROPER SHOES!!!

2. walking to art class and then eating ice cream while walking back home in the evening. I remember you weren't very good at...drawing...=X HAHA

3. Playing pintar-pintas at the church while having "picnic". Omgosh...around the orange rocks and on the's so strange how we were so easily entertained

4. Waiting for you every morning for you to open the gate so that we can go to school together. and 80% of the time I'd be late...

5. Involved in an accident together, remember? Bon Bon Cat. Lol! Yeah, couldn't talk during the ride home and cried my eyes out when I got a massive shock. I never asked how you took it!

6. Dining in Italian Coffee Bean, went to ITC tuition and then you kept on complaining how much you hated BM. Food there was crap...except for the waffles XD I still love the artifical drinks, I still hate BM AND i hated ITC... Is not there anymore, is it?

7. We did quarrel and you said you don't want to friend me (X1000000 times) Lol! This is lame!!!!! Now this I don't remember! haha, that must be weird. i must've hurt you bad cause you still remember it. lol

8. Going to Parkson together. Don't know do what there. =p still doing it, mate...still doing it.

9. Taking lame photos together while we were wearing dress. Hey, i still have that dress til now. And of course...we're still doing it...

10. We went to church together and we were playing at the back. == you ended up being a regular goer of that church! shhh....

10 sweet and lame memories should be enough i guess. Haha! Some were so embarrassing moments. =p

My turn then!
  1. The times I went to your house for tuition...we pretended to be headmasters of a school and kept track of every student! LoL, we were bossy...
  2. Discovering IRC and having the lamest times of our pathetic teenage lives talking to thecrappiest people! Haha.
  3. Walking about in front of the kindergarten talking about God knows what...
  4. You with your's always open wherever we go! I always try to act cool and boyish and pretended I didn''t care about getting tanned...actually, i did. XP
  5. Playing cards in your house during Chinese New Years! and eating all your food...haha
  6. Seeing you at the back of my house as you use the toilet!!!! Can't believe we used to have conversations over the balcony. Was it you or your sis who uses the potty on that balcony??? hm....
  7. oh gosh, in your living room, dancing to Westlife!!! Embarrassing....! but we were so high XD
  8. Watching that korean or japanese horror movie one afternoon...the stairs, or something like that. Geez, scared the %^&* out off me....=D you and your freakish love for horror movies.
  9. Driving around town aimlessly trying to get to dessert shops to McDonalds to Taman Muhibah...We're lucky we're still alive...x.X
  10. Talking about all the guys who you terpancing...if there's such a word! haha. Each time I ask, there must be at least 5 of them! Alvin, you better hold on tight to her cause the world wants her. If you take her for granted, I'll bash you up.
We each have our share of different 'close' friends. We seldom were in the same classes, we don't even spend recesses together! Our paths are headed towards different directions. But somehow, they cross so much we can't shake each other off (no matter how had I try....jk!!). Unlike many things in our lives that come and go, we'll never be able to get rid of each other ><


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Makes me happy 6 =)

Getting smothered under a tonne of pillows and blankits.
That's why I have 5 pillows, 2 blankits and one feather duvet on a single bed...and teddy. Tee hee. Thank GOD for pillows!!

And yes, I DID purposely misspell blanket.

Sex and the city Season 6 Episode 20
Scene of a wimp who has just located his balls, MAN UP and own up to his mistakes...

My girls...
I love 'em to bits! Jen, Cyn, Shirley, CMN, Siing Lin....
To have these girls care for me so much is just awesome.
You guys are the Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, Monica and Rachel in my life.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Makes me happy 5 =)

Pigging out with my flatmates in front of a laptop watching chick flicks....

Seriously, the photos showed the exact same meals we had over the past month....
...'twas my first proper KFC meal in a couple of years! *applause*

Comin' up...sushi buffet, indian buffet and dim sum!

Learning American Sign Language...
It's a recent interest and I hope it'll stick...let's see how far I can go XP

This is for you Terrrr....=D

Gotta get back to writing an essay on the alternative treatments of minor respiratory tract disorders...whilst experiencing acute rhinitis myself...*sneeze*...otherwise...


Monday, 3 May 2010

makes me nostalgic


'My memory' to be precise...

Ran across this video while I was following my daily routine of unnecessary you-tube surfing.
I've never watched the show, Winter Sonata...
But this song played a big part in my secondary school years...
...cause everybody who was anybody, was either singing, whistling or playing this song on instruments...

...good times...


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Makes me happy 4 =)

Jogging in Regent's park in SPRING! It's so gorgeous. Baby leaves sprouting from tree branches; blossoms spring out by the hundreds, looking like fluffy clouds....
Pure bliss....!

...My favourite spot...

...Completely cloudless...

Knowing that a beautiful place like this exists shocked me to the core. I'm ashamed to admit it, but sometimes I underestimated how amazing our God actually is.

I have made it a dream and hope now to one day visit this amazing little spot on earth.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Makes me 'not' happy =(

Imperfections are a total internal organs twitch at the sight of things that are out of place. A cup left out by someone, unwashed dishes in the sink, pens that are not arranged according to size, colour and usability.
So of course, every time I see myself in the mirror, I need to fight the urge to jump off a tall hope of convincing the surgeons who are realigning my spinal rearrange my face to look more appealing and to reconstruct my disproportionate body to look like Kate Moss'.

I was a clumsy child (still am, actually!). I am left with unattractive scars all over me. But thank God, I was given the ability to walk, hop, run into lamp posts!

My hair is a mass of tangled twigs that not even birds would consider fit as their nest. But thank God I'm not bald! No offence to the principals of Methodist Secondary School...

I have crap metabolism! A piece of fudge will require a 10km marathon to burn off. Otherwise, they'd just conveniently convert their sugary self into fat globules and settle in places I don't even think is appropriate to mention.
You know the process....But thank God as He has provided me with food on my plate and water to drink.
I hate having to wear glasses/contact lenses all day. But thank God I have the gift of sight! And one day, maybe the gift of lasic surgery from my parents XD

I absolutely LOATHE being short and chubby. It destroys me knowing that I will never be
perceived as beautiful...Even buying a pair of pants causes dilemma and so much pain...knowing this or that girl will look better in it and I'll just look like a lump of potato.
...not the most attractive thing in the world...
It's really, really difficult to be thankful...especially when living in a world which prizes beauty and material above all else.

But then, there was this ONE man who was willing to die for a lump of potato like me. So, I will live for Him, and for Him alone. So, in your face, world!

So every Sunday, I dress my best, knowing I am heading for a place that I will not be judged by anyone. I try my best to remember that I am worthy enough for God's love and sacrifice.

Happy Easter 2010 =D

I suppose I should get off the the top of Big Ben now and go home...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Makes me happy 3 =)

Going to All Soul's church every Sunday...the one thing I look forward to every week.

Project with my bro:
  • A medium steak with mushroom and onion gravy,
  • roasted vine cherry tomatoes on avocado and mozzarella dressed with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and
  • grilled ciabatta and a dollop of pesto

Was walking to school one morning, and I saw this....

Made me smile so wide and filled me with a fuzzy, hopeful feeling =)

Joey falling for Rachel...He's so cute =D

Got great seats to Mamma Mia for a really good price. Theatre, NOT movie. It was WONDERFUL! Highly recommended if you love great music (if u're into ABBA), wonderful performances and an interesting plot with a touching ending.

Oh yeah....Topless, hunky guys are a plus too...

*wink* ;)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Makes me happy 2 =)

It was just after dinner, the 4 of us were sitting at the dining table sipping our concoction of baileys irish cream, hot cocoa and coffee.

We were discussing our experiences as volunteers to feed the homeless. It was then we realised how lucky we all are: having supportive parents, having a roof above our heads, being able to spend money to buy our much needed daily fix of baileys.

We often forget how blessed our lives are and that God is always providing.

So...I shall remind myself by posting the little things that makes me smile each day. Which will be a couple of times a month XD

But for today, it's.....

1) Eating peanut butter and banana on toast

2) Revising and making notes for 5 hours straight...well, only at the end of it. =D

3) The ending of 'Never Been Kissed'...ever so sweet ^^