Monday, 24 May 2010

Makes me happy 7 =)

A really OLD (lol) and special friend mentioned me in her blog...=)
Thanks, Lin...Really made my day!

And I wanna thank Lea for being my the most amazing friend in the world. And reminding me of our sweet memories.

E.g. 1. walking together under the rain while my sandal was torn. Then she tied my sandal with one of her shoe's lace. Haha! Then we walked home. I was dragging myself home and not walking! LoL...I remember this =) BUY PROPER SHOES!!!

2. walking to art class and then eating ice cream while walking back home in the evening. I remember you weren't very good at...drawing...=X HAHA

3. Playing pintar-pintas at the church while having "picnic". Omgosh...around the orange rocks and on the's so strange how we were so easily entertained

4. Waiting for you every morning for you to open the gate so that we can go to school together. and 80% of the time I'd be late...

5. Involved in an accident together, remember? Bon Bon Cat. Lol! Yeah, couldn't talk during the ride home and cried my eyes out when I got a massive shock. I never asked how you took it!

6. Dining in Italian Coffee Bean, went to ITC tuition and then you kept on complaining how much you hated BM. Food there was crap...except for the waffles XD I still love the artifical drinks, I still hate BM AND i hated ITC... Is not there anymore, is it?

7. We did quarrel and you said you don't want to friend me (X1000000 times) Lol! This is lame!!!!! Now this I don't remember! haha, that must be weird. i must've hurt you bad cause you still remember it. lol

8. Going to Parkson together. Don't know do what there. =p still doing it, mate...still doing it.

9. Taking lame photos together while we were wearing dress. Hey, i still have that dress til now. And of course...we're still doing it...

10. We went to church together and we were playing at the back. == you ended up being a regular goer of that church! shhh....

10 sweet and lame memories should be enough i guess. Haha! Some were so embarrassing moments. =p

My turn then!
  1. The times I went to your house for tuition...we pretended to be headmasters of a school and kept track of every student! LoL, we were bossy...
  2. Discovering IRC and having the lamest times of our pathetic teenage lives talking to thecrappiest people! Haha.
  3. Walking about in front of the kindergarten talking about God knows what...
  4. You with your's always open wherever we go! I always try to act cool and boyish and pretended I didn''t care about getting tanned...actually, i did. XP
  5. Playing cards in your house during Chinese New Years! and eating all your food...haha
  6. Seeing you at the back of my house as you use the toilet!!!! Can't believe we used to have conversations over the balcony. Was it you or your sis who uses the potty on that balcony??? hm....
  7. oh gosh, in your living room, dancing to Westlife!!! Embarrassing....! but we were so high XD
  8. Watching that korean or japanese horror movie one afternoon...the stairs, or something like that. Geez, scared the %^&* out off me....=D you and your freakish love for horror movies.
  9. Driving around town aimlessly trying to get to dessert shops to McDonalds to Taman Muhibah...We're lucky we're still alive...x.X
  10. Talking about all the guys who you terpancing...if there's such a word! haha. Each time I ask, there must be at least 5 of them! Alvin, you better hold on tight to her cause the world wants her. If you take her for granted, I'll bash you up.
We each have our share of different 'close' friends. We seldom were in the same classes, we don't even spend recesses together! Our paths are headed towards different directions. But somehow, they cross so much we can't shake each other off (no matter how had I try....jk!!). Unlike many things in our lives that come and go, we'll never be able to get rid of each other ><


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