Thursday, 12 March 2009

Girls Night Out!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm living in a movie; a drama series more like!

I'm in London, baby!! (Joey in FRIENDS Season 4 Episode 23 how do I know that??)

Here's what happens at lunch a couple of times a month...On a sunny day after lectures, my friends and I will go to a Korean shop, buy a takeaway lunch box and sit upon the steps of the British Museum savouring our hot marinated meat with steaming fragrant rice.
This picture does it no justice!

We'd let the gentle spring breeze blow in our hair as we let our food digest while tutting at typical tourists with their cameras. Okay fine, the temperature is still freezing and the winds are deadly, but what the heck, ei!

On Valentine's day, four of us girls (Jen, Cyn, Phil and moi) dressed up (as in...dresses, heels and dangly earrings...oh yeah...I was brain-washed!) went out for Italian at Carluccio's. It was oh-so-good. We had a three course meal with appetisers, a main course and delicious sorbets for dessert; we sat for 3 hours and went to a party with the theme...

...straight after. It was that night we dubbed ourselves (well, actually it was only me) the asian version of Sex in the City.

My main course of the night...

So far, we've had Greek at The Real Greek and Italian (again!) at Strada.
At the Real Greek, I discovered the....SOUVLAKI.
By the way, I am currently infatuated with hummus...XD

Strada served a mean seafood rissoto...

...and amazing parma ham pizza...Obviously, they were not called seafood rissoto or parma ham pizza on the menu. It was actually christened...Risotto ai Frutti di Mare and Parma Pizze.
Now doesn't that sound classy...! All we were missing was the matching wine!

Then there will be the 'sitting for hours long' after a meal time, talking about just anything, sipping complementary tap water or coffee, exactly like they do in TV!

All that's missing now is the romance so needed for a wonderful plot! Well, one girl down...3 to go!! Haha...

On another note! Due to the lack of a kitchen in our hall, we've resorted to cooking lunch in Phil's room with just a rice-cooker, a microwave and a kettle. DO NOT underestimate the power of these simple kitchen tools. We were able to produce mochi's, thai green curry, beef rendang, vietnamese spring rolls, chicken curry, tom yam with glass noodles, kailan in oyster sauce and many more other impossible dishes to come.

Ah~ the beginnings of wonderful friendships X)

P/S All pictures were taken off the net =( But they look exactly the same as what we had anyways!