Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Obsession of the year...WICKED

I've seen a number of musicals, and each one NEVER fail to impress me.

Wicked was...IS amazing! I could watch it over and over again. It's a musical which will cause you tear up with both laughter and heartbreak. Oh..and the romance! *Sigh...* If ever in doubt about musicals, start with Wicked! *Excited shiver*

I've always been familiar with the author of Wicked, Gregory Maguire, who has infamously written a number of twists to common fairy tales including Snow White and Cinderella. He is truly a mastermind and Wicked is definitely a notch above it all.

I've added one of my favourite songs from the play "For Good" sung by the original American casts...

...whom you would've recognised if you're a Gleek, are actresses in Glee!

You'll probably be more familiar with this version taken from Glee Season 2: Last episode

Ah...musicals are a source of pure ecstasy...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

On 2 wheels

10.00am: Time to get ready for the first lecture of the day..and I'm excited.

Oh no no no...it's not the brain-numbing ramblings of my professors which gives me the high, but the fact that I'll be able to cycle to uni which stimulates me brains to produce lovely serotonin shots.

10:15am: Wrapping myself up with a bobbly beanie, gloves and a scarf to protect my already damaged skin from the chilly wind.

I can't believe how much I enjoy cycling to and fro in London. Sure, there will be the occasional near misses of crippling accidents from massive double-decker buses or speeding sports car drivers, but hey...every enjoyable activity has their risks.

10:30am: Unlocking my trusty second-hand Dahon Jack D7 from my flat's railing whilst nervously checking if the front wheel or seat have been stolen. Nope, they're still attached.

Within minutes, I'm on the road whizzing past vehicles stuck in the morning jam and singing Christmas tunes (slightly aware that pedestrians may be able to hear me). It is just the most amazing feeling EVER! If I haven't any other reason to get up to go to uni, this will be it.

I love how cycling's so much faster and RELIABLE than public transportation (curse you, tfl!). I love the cold wind in my face. I especially love the fact that in 2 months, I'm gonna have a pair of fantastic gluts.

10.50am: Gliding towards the front entrance of uni in a slow-mo, reaching the finishing-line-of tour-de-france-manner with 10 minutes to spare.

Life is good.

Although, speaking of Christmas...it wouldn't hurt to wish for a cute bicycle as per the one below...

...in red or lovely pastel colours =)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

There's a very fine line between being very tolerant and a total pushover.

I'm a complete pushover.

And I'm getting sick of it.

Time to 'JUST SAY NO!'

Monday, 3 October 2011

Have your 9 a day!

This very morning, I woke up to the little voice in my head debating (not in a schizophrenic way!) about human virtues.

I suppose this thought threaded from the remnants of my past incidences with my ex-flatmates and I started to wonder what is the right way to raise a child, how do we teach them good characters, what IS the right sort of characters?

Of course, we could teach children manners, morals, culture...but these are all subject to the society they belong in, which could easily bring conflict between citizens from different cultures (of which I experienced).

Then, that very same voice gave me a simple realisation...'The fruits of the Holy Spirit'! THAT would be the way God wants us to be raised and act.

Love . Joy . Peace . Patience . Kindness . Goodness . Faithfulness . Gentleness . Self-control

It doesn't matter what the world thinks of you. The world's not gonna give you the ticket to heaven.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Makes me happy 15 =)

Today marks the day I live on my own in a tiny studio apartment.

Today, I scrubbed high and low, in and out, and fueled by chocolate milk.

Today, I banged my knee up so many times I've got a whole constellation of bruises.

Today, all I consumed was 2 muffins and a piece of bak gwa.

Today, I got a job offer in a UK hospital.

Today (No, it was yesterday), I was invited for an interview at a London based hospital.

Today, I was reminded that when God has a plan for us, He opens doors so wide that even when our eyes are closed, we'd find the way.

Do not think for a moment God is ignoring you when things don't go as YOU planned. He has very great things planned for us, and He's constantly nudging us in the right way.

Today, I don't know what my future will be like...but I know I will do great things with God, in God, by God.