Monday, 3 October 2011

Have your 9 a day!

This very morning, I woke up to the little voice in my head debating (not in a schizophrenic way!) about human virtues.

I suppose this thought threaded from the remnants of my past incidences with my ex-flatmates and I started to wonder what is the right way to raise a child, how do we teach them good characters, what IS the right sort of characters?

Of course, we could teach children manners, morals, culture...but these are all subject to the society they belong in, which could easily bring conflict between citizens from different cultures (of which I experienced).

Then, that very same voice gave me a simple realisation...'The fruits of the Holy Spirit'! THAT would be the way God wants us to be raised and act.

Love . Joy . Peace . Patience . Kindness . Goodness . Faithfulness . Gentleness . Self-control

It doesn't matter what the world thinks of you. The world's not gonna give you the ticket to heaven.

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