Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Obsession of the year...WICKED

I've seen a number of musicals, and each one NEVER fail to impress me.

Wicked was...IS amazing! I could watch it over and over again. It's a musical which will cause you tear up with both laughter and heartbreak. Oh..and the romance! *Sigh...* If ever in doubt about musicals, start with Wicked! *Excited shiver*

I've always been familiar with the author of Wicked, Gregory Maguire, who has infamously written a number of twists to common fairy tales including Snow White and Cinderella. He is truly a mastermind and Wicked is definitely a notch above it all.

I've added one of my favourite songs from the play "For Good" sung by the original American casts...

...whom you would've recognised if you're a Gleek, are actresses in Glee!

You'll probably be more familiar with this version taken from Glee Season 2: Last episode

Ah...musicals are a source of pure ecstasy...

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