Sunday, 9 September 2012


There is a game that lovers play. A game that hurts both ends.

The whole idea is so infantile and yet, we all do it, whether consciously or not.

Is there even a name to the game? If not, I shall christened it 'Who-shall-crack-first?'.

It's a game where couples hide their true feelings, hoping to psycho-terrorise their 'loved' ones into submission.

"Would you like me to stay?"
"You can do what you want"
"I want to make you happy."
"I'll be unhappy regardless"
"Well, then I'll just leave"

As you can see, both parties are well into the game and unwilling to let their guards down.
The consequence, she left and nobody's happy.

"There's this cute guy at work"
"Oh yeah? Any flirting going on there?" as nonchalantly said as possible
"I think I might."
"You trust me, don't you? It's just for fun."
"Of course, I might just do the same."

Do YOU think it's possible that both are fine with their 'one and only's messing about with another person of the opposite sex? I don't think so.

"That girl, she's special to me. I'd treat her nice."
"I see," voiced with shaky confidence.
"You'd be all right with me hanging with her, right?"
"Yeah, sure."


Oh and my personal favourite, the who-calls-first-after-a-huge-fight-despite-both-wanting-each-other-to-call-desperately.

Couples get into fights, that's not unusual. But then comes the game that brings mental torture, especially if it happens before bedtime. They lie in bed, unable to get any shut eye because nothing is settled. There is anger, disappointment, discontent; but also the conscience to want to make things right and the fact that they miss each other. So they toss and turn, waiting for the other to make the first move and apologise. One night becomes a day, a day turns into a week. One of them will eventually start to worry and wonder if the other is still alive.

This cycle will eventually break when the BETTER person strips all pride and arrogance, leaving the other triumphant.

But in actual fact, nobody wins. Both have been battered and bruised, having gone through this nonsensical and unnecessary pain caused by none other but themselves.

I've played these games well into my teenage years and early twenties...Perhaps it's time to stop? How hard is it to be honest with one another?