Sunday, 13 April 2008

When God doesn't answer your prayer...

First of all, I gotta apologise to my friends whom I promised I will be online the whole time during this Easter holidays. Sowies~~!! Something came up...and, just threw me off chatting with anyone.

Back to the title...Now, when God doesn't answer our prayers...especially when you put your whole heart in it, especially when it's uber important to you...

This is what people tend to do...


Or maybe...this

Gotta love "suicide bunny" comics...HEH!! Fortunately, God put the fear of pain and of course, the usual humanistic fear of dying, in me...

Reading up on lots of Christian webpages on WHY GOD DOESN'T ANSWER OUR PRAYERS...
here's a few reasons from what the pastors preached/posted:
1) You're a sinner
(Praying for financial support to support your adultress girlfriend.)
2) You have bad intentions (You want somebody dead)
3) It's not the right time
(You want to have a BMW convertible NOW, even if you're 7)

There's plenty more...but I can't remember them. But the one thing I always convince myself and other people who are in the same situation, is that:
1) God is the WISEST in the WHOLE UNIVERSE, and HE KNOWS what's best for us.
2) God will not give you more than you can handle...So all this pain and trouble, I was given to deal with, because I God knows I'm strong enough to handle them.
For example, a mother is given a down syndrome child, because God knows she has the strength to deal with this. A child is born to a mother with Alzheimer's because God knows that that child is strong enough to support his/her mother.

Well, I don't have much time to authenticise this post as I'll be going back to school in a few hours, but...this is what's at the top of my mind now. So...GOODBYE til next month, probbly..!!