Friday, 25 May 2012


- between a girl and her food.

"I should lose some weight before my grad ball and get ready for summer!"

says the girl who is currently munching on half a packet of m&ms and a couple of cinnamon and raisin bagels...after a dinner of chocolate muffins and instant noodles.

Perhaps I'll poop them all out tomorrow and it'll be all okay.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tribute to my childhood

Why have I never heard of this song? How is it that I looked past a piece by Westlife!

It's so lovely...
Technically, it's 1/4 Westlife as it's a solo by Shane Filan, but still lovely.

I also came across a video of their farewell...'concert/documentary', I suppose.

Listening (and screeching along) to old Westlife songs really brought back memories of my teenage years, and AMAZEMENT as to how I memorised the lyrics for the first 4 albums! They taught me the beauty of love and heartache, well, their song writers did. They gave me the words to compose my most beautiful daydreams (which saved me from boredom in school).

They were the best boy band a girl could admire. Grounded and dedicated to their career, with no fancy make up, no crazy wardrobes and no bad publicity (hats off to their top notch publicist). They grew up along with their songs and they retire for the right reasons - their family. But most of all, they have that soul-melting, heart-stealing Irish accent. <3

A tad sad I'd never see them in concert. Ever =(

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Testosterone overload

So I just watch the Avengers Assemble.

It was beautiful! Yes, beautiful...Not only did the directors satisfied the need of men for violence and sexy women, they've thoughtfully satisfied the ladies with mouth-watering hunks!

Lemme tell ya, it's just so faith restoring knowing there are still testosterone clad, perfectly formed male species in the wild. 

Oh, if I could just get a piece of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, or either one, I'm not picky.

Mm Mm Mmmmm! Gorgeous...

You! Yes, you down there...

Wipe of that make up and grow a pair...or a beard at the very least.