Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tribute to my childhood

Why have I never heard of this song? How is it that I looked past a piece by Westlife!

It's so lovely...
Technically, it's 1/4 Westlife as it's a solo by Shane Filan, but still lovely.

I also came across a video of their farewell...'concert/documentary', I suppose.

Listening (and screeching along) to old Westlife songs really brought back memories of my teenage years, and AMAZEMENT as to how I memorised the lyrics for the first 4 albums! They taught me the beauty of love and heartache, well, their song writers did. They gave me the words to compose my most beautiful daydreams (which saved me from boredom in school).

They were the best boy band a girl could admire. Grounded and dedicated to their career, with no fancy make up, no crazy wardrobes and no bad publicity (hats off to their top notch publicist). They grew up along with their songs and they retire for the right reasons - their family. But most of all, they have that soul-melting, heart-stealing Irish accent. <3

A tad sad I'd never see them in concert. Ever =(


mic mic said...

I had been to one last year :) n they are gettin old but still as good looking XD hehee!! there's one i heard this year??

LeaLLY said...

Lucky you!! They're doing their farewell tour this year and the one in London is:
a)almost sold out except for lousy seats
b)a week before my exams!