Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My Love Life in UK~ *special addition*

The worst thing that can happen WHILE u're in ENGLAND, is to fall in love....! Oh...the agony of it all! It was love at first sight. My friends told me it was a good idea, to pursuit my happiness with the love of my life. So I allow myself to grow attached. Ah~but the sacrifices I have to give for LOVE. The pain that I could not meet my darling every single day, hour, minute of my life... The suffering that I know my baby doesn't belong to me, and not mine alone to keep. The $M-O-N-E-Y$ I have to spend to keep my beloved close to me~~~~

OH~Korean food...why are you torturing me so!


Hold it a sec...My 1st taste was NOT in England! There was a korean BBQ restaurant back at home...*slurp* and we have food that looks summat like this... "Sizzle...."

And then to Hong Kong to have this...

"Ah...the memories..."

And younger still....daddy brought us to a Korean restaurant every time we were in Bintulu to have...

"Grilled OX TONGUE!" 'It's Good!! No...Seriously!'

But then...the real stuff comes with my Korean friend...


Here's a short intro of my friend Claire...
Name: Claire (as mentioned many times before...)/ Yeon Soo
Nationality: Korean
Favourite snack: Walker's BBQ flavoured crisp
Favourite food: Pizzas...(pepperoni pizzas, especially)
Status: An academic genius...
Warning: Have severe addiction and independence to coke and pepsi (but preferably coke Xp) DO NOT APPROACH SUBJECT WITHOUT IT! (ehehe...small joke)

Every holiday, we'd stuff ourselves silly with her native food...

"My first Korean meal in UK's very own KOREAN TOWN...Mm...Spicy tofu soup (jjigae)!"

"There's not stopping me now! Kimchi rice and Seafood pancake (bindaeddeok)...*drool*"

"Vegetablearian bimbibap"

"Spicy rice cakes (Ddeokbokki)

"Let's not forget the delectable KIMCHI!"

Claire had a tough time teaching me all the names...har har. Well, let's finish with a bit of dessert, shall we?

NB: Some photos were taken from the internet (heh...trying to avoid copyright lawsuits)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Moving on!!

Then a week later...we have Valentine’s Day!!
Oh the joys and pleasures of receiving a bouquet of red roses accompanied by a romantic candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant. It’s any girl/lady/woman/heck! elderly woman (but let’s not go that far) ‘s dreams... I’m fortunate (sarcasm detected right...here!) enough to have my v-day sandwiched between...my probably damned interview and the beginning of my half-term holidays.

For the first time in my life... I received a v-day gift! Oo...it's Perrrrdyful...
Well, it’s not really a v-day gift, more like a good luck gift for my interview from a very, very amazingly kind friend (whom I’ll tell you more about later, probably in my next post, ahiaks!).

Well, that’s all I can tell you about V-day! If you so wish, you may imagine that I have an adoring boyfriend who.............................

"dotes on my every wish, captures for me the moon, sprinkles star dust all the bedroom floor and writes 2984 sonnets for me which he emotionally recites while massaging my foot as I drift into dreamland"

My view on V-day...it’s a regular ol’ day and people should not wait for this ONE day to be ‘nice’ to their beloved. My REAL thoughts...I want a boyfriend who dotes on my every wish, captures for me the moon, sprinkles star dust all the bedroom floor and writes 2984 sonnets for me which he emotionally recites while massaging my foot as I drift into dreamland. Hah! Psych!!

Ah...the interview...I had a month to prepare for it. I bugged my English speaking friends to argue ethical cases with me for 2 weeks prior to the big day til they eventually lost their will to argue and scream in agony when I say ‘so...would you like it if I perform euthanasia on you one day?’

Before the interview, I was so fidgety and hyper I couldn’t sit still for 2 seconds and kept offering other interviewees spear-mint flavoured tic tacs. One of them actually jumped in shock -.-!! Anyway, it was only a short 20 minute talk with 2 person(s?): one of them who reminds me of professor Albus Dumbledore and the other of Bruce Willis... Hm... Should I conclude that anxiety and nervousness causes delusions?
After that, I couldn’t gone back to school to proceed with my afternoon lessons...but NOoOOOOoo...I stayed on in London with my friend, Christine...

"I demand you to bow down to my supremacy!"

who had an open day at the same university and we went to CHINA TOWN to admire some...meat...

It was a day to remember...=)

PLUS, I bought this wonderfully attractive (literally) t-shirt. Read the text bubble!