Friday, 30 September 2011

Effective Weight Loss

Step 1 - Find yourself a bottle of the strongest Listerine.

Step 2 - Gargle before every meal (or any time a binge is felt).

Step 3 - Eat.

Step 4 - Embrace the displeasure you taste at every bite.

If the minty after-taste hasn't altered the flavours of your food, the high alcohol content would have surely burnt a hole in your tongue and obliterate all possible taste senses.

That, my friends, is my secret...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I love reading...

In one of those columns where they'd ask for your hobby or interest, I'd say reading, not 'cause it's generic or to give good impression. It's cause I really, honest to Betsy, LOVE reading.

When I pick up a book I really enjoy, I will be so absorbed into the story. My mind and emotions roller coaster parallel to the moods portrayed by the author. I feel myself mentally transported away from real life and actually become part of the story.

Now, I know the books I read are trashy, crisps ('cause they're junk, unhealthy and non-educational). But my chosen books are ones I desire to feel at that particular time.

If I felt adventurous, I pick up a Sci Fi by Philip Pullman, CS Lewis, JK Rowling, or any other random author.

When I wanna feel loved, I pick up a romance novel by Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Melissa Hill, etcetra etcetra

If I wanna challenge my mind and emotions, I tend to go for Jodie Picoults, Dave Pelzer, or any autobiography of a person's challenged life.

Sigh....reading's awesome.

Monday, 26 September 2011

New era...again

Sometimes, you surprise me. Pleasantly.

On another note...

This year is gonna be another adventure for me and a cross of my bucket list. This year, I'll be living on my own. Den den den! In the beginning, I was tremendously petrified of the idea but I suppose it has settled in quite nicely.

  • No more bill splitting between flatmates, and in my case, managing the entire household bills!
  • No more strict flatmates and their strict rules.
  • No more disapproving looks from flatmates when my family stays over.
  • No more treading around carefully to avoid flatmates' discontentment.
The last couple of years have been very...eventful, I should say, for my flatmates were not very...flexible. All is forgiven (on my side anyway) and I'm just glad it's all over.

Nevertheless, I am quite excited about the prospect of doing my own thang in my very own crib! ...despite the fact that it's just at tiny double bed studio >< (Pictures up soon-ish!)

I suppose it'll give me more time to reflect on my own priorities instead of getting influenced by other people. My parents are very happy indeed (despite the increased rent) as I will be bully-free for the remainder of my university year.

Despite the troubled feelings of uncertainty of what is to come and the possibilities of many (MANY...) lonely nights, I do feel quite relieved of not having to deal with the responsibilities of having flatmates. And truly, we are never really alone. God (and Jesus and the holy spirit) are always in our hearts, mind and soul.

Monday, 19 September 2011

You accept that they've got things to do,

But sometimes in the end there's nothing left for you.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Counting 1-2-3

It's sad how there are very few people we can count on, including those close to us.

I'll always try to be on the better end of the line but it's always disappointing when everybody's counting on you...yet you can never count on them.

It's also a pain to be the responsible one of the lot (which means doing all the work) yet still get accused of being immature and childish.

I'm half glad I won't see those 'friends' anymore...

On the brighter side, I am also surrounded by genuine friends and family who would go to the world's end to help me out in my troubled times.

Praise God for them.