Saturday, 1 October 2011

Makes me happy 15 =)

Today marks the day I live on my own in a tiny studio apartment.

Today, I scrubbed high and low, in and out, and fueled by chocolate milk.

Today, I banged my knee up so many times I've got a whole constellation of bruises.

Today, all I consumed was 2 muffins and a piece of bak gwa.

Today, I got a job offer in a UK hospital.

Today (No, it was yesterday), I was invited for an interview at a London based hospital.

Today, I was reminded that when God has a plan for us, He opens doors so wide that even when our eyes are closed, we'd find the way.

Do not think for a moment God is ignoring you when things don't go as YOU planned. He has very great things planned for us, and He's constantly nudging us in the right way.

Today, I don't know what my future will be like...but I know I will do great things with God, in God, by God.

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