Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Makes me 'not' happy =(

Imperfections are a total bugger...my internal organs twitch at the sight of things that are out of place. A cup left out by someone, unwashed dishes in the sink, pens that are not arranged according to size, colour and usability.
So of course, every time I see myself in the mirror, I need to fight the urge to jump off a tall buildilng...in hope of convincing the surgeons who are realigning my spinal cords...to rearrange my face to look more appealing and to reconstruct my disproportionate body to look like Kate Moss'.

I was a clumsy child (still am, actually!). I am left with unattractive scars all over me. But thank God, I was given the ability to walk, hop, run into lamp posts!

My hair is a mass of tangled twigs that not even birds would consider fit as their nest. But thank God I'm not bald! No offence to the principals of Methodist Secondary School...

I have crap metabolism! A piece of fudge will require a 10km marathon to burn off. Otherwise, they'd just conveniently convert their sugary self into fat globules and settle in places I don't even think is appropriate to mention.
You know the process....But thank God as He has provided me with food on my plate and water to drink.
I hate having to wear glasses/contact lenses all day. But thank God I have the gift of sight! And one day, maybe the gift of lasic surgery from my parents XD

I absolutely LOATHE being short and chubby. It destroys me knowing that I will never be
perceived as beautiful...Even buying a pair of pants causes dilemma and so much pain...knowing this or that girl will look better in it and I'll just look like a lump of potato.
...not the most attractive thing in the world...
It's really, really difficult to be thankful...especially when living in a world which prizes beauty and material above all else.

But then, there was this ONE man who was willing to die for a lump of potato like me. So, I will live for Him, and for Him alone. So, in your face, world!

So every Sunday, I dress my best, knowing I am heading for a place that I will not be judged by anyone. I try my best to remember that I am worthy enough for God's love and sacrifice.

Happy Easter 2010 =D

I suppose I should get off the the top of Big Ben now and go home...

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