Tuesday, 28 October 2008

'I will's...

1) Learn to do a hand stand!
2) Show off my hand stand everywhere I go...>< yes, even in random places like the tube station
3) Stick to one church which I find most comfortable
4) Be consistent at going to church, uni's Christian Union and Overseas Christian Fellowship meetings
5) Go to the gym at least 5 times a week and attend the classes
6) Wear clean socks and 'try' to shower after gym
7) Stay awake during lectures. Yes, even if it's Chemistry
8) Continue to play badminton despite that I am a dissappointment to the team
9) Destroy my ego and improve badminton skills with help from ANYONE
10) Try to sleep before 12am
11) Wean myself off jellybeans and foods with sugar level of similar toxicity
12) Stick to hot chocolate and toasts EVERY breakfast, just to proof I can
13) Tell the world that I eat bananas now!
14) Delete all sorrow and keep my life busy
15) On top of all that...do my assignments and pray I pass the exams


terrrrr said...

well said! then u'll be teaching me badminton when u come back yes?

phe said...

maybe i should make a list of "i will's" too.. like doing my hw instead of procrastinating n sticking to a church...n i also eat bananas now!! hehe..(i didn't like banana when i was in malaysia).

LeaLLY said...

haha!! phebs...that's freakily cool, that we both don't eat bananas and well..now we do! lol!! it's a great way to conquer constipation =X haha!

phe said...

conquer constipation..lol...