Sunday, 25 November 2007

Pon and Zi

Right...every lobe in my brain has been arguing back & forth on whether I should make this post. I guess the frontal lobe has lost on account you're sitting here reading my irrationally made decision to post it up!
Last year, I came across this adorable thing on a friend's display picture on msn...

A few days later, he changed it into this little guy

I figured I shouldn't be a copycat and steal his ideas to use these ADOWABLY KiiiioooOOoot *snuggles* um...thing as my display pictures. A year later....I find myself compulsively searching the internet (thank God for technology!) and ending up with almost 100 different pictures of PON AND ZI (that's their names!).

Here's a few of my favourites...

"Ron! This is perfect for ya, cuz!"

"Gah! Feel the lurve~ people!!"


"Can't you just feel ur heart growing all fuzzy and warm !"(mould infection, i hear u ask?)

"Oh, who am I kidding?! I love 'em all!!!"

"I'd still want him (or her *shrug* who can tell) to be my doctor!"

"Falling for you. D'u get it? D'u get the picture? Smart ain't it..."

"I love gummi bears!"

Appreciation should go to Jeff Thomas who created these 2

Seriously, even if I may seem tough and intimidating on the outside, I'm actually a real softie with a sweet personality...I'm your regular girl-next-door who adores sweets, cookies and blueberry muffins. I enjoy pretty flowers and make lovely cards for people on their birthdays. My motives are innocent, I love surprises and I adore chocolates. Ooo...and I oh-so-love teddy bears!


Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! *INHALES deeply* wahahahahaha!!!!! Okay, who believed that?! Seriously! Fess up! Sweet...innocent motives.....wahahhaa!!!
*leaves while wheezing and frantically searching for a ventolin inhaler*


Pon+Zi lover said...

I love 'em, I love 'em, and I know the blue... thing... is the girl, but is the girl Pon or Zi?! Does anyone know!!!!

ZpprHead said...

zi is the griel and pon is the guy. they r sooo cute!!! :o)

ѕιηηєя ♥ said...

Hi! =D I'm italian XD anyway, I know that the blue puppets is Zi and so is the girl =DD
Pon it's that yellow puppet! XD


Bye =DD

Tenju said...

Yeah, they are so cute !!

And that's "J'adore le chocolat", without the... apostrophe, in French. ^^

Moi aussi, j'adore le chocolat ! =P

Unschool Girl said...

OMG!!! i luv them! they are soooo cute