Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ah....quiz night. What a night to remember. It begins with bored-looking me surrounded by a german, a half-french, a honkie, a czech republican and a couple of british blokes as my team members (Team 3 RAWKS!!). As hard as I try to look knowledgable, there’s no way I could know what street the ‘Desperate Housewives’ live on and the Prime Minister of Britain during the 1st World War!

After an hour of what feels like my slow death, I was saved by the arrival of pizza deliveries! Honestly, my share of half of a large Domino’s pizza saved my dying soul!
yeah....mine looked pretty much like that one!

I resumed to my original position with my group and there it was....analytical riddles to solve! I thanked the Lord and found I was having the most fun for the first time for the whole evening.

Answers:1) West Indies 2) Water Ship Down 3) Three Musketeers 4) Clean Underwear 5) 6 feet under 6)Tennis shoes 7) Out of the blue/Blue movies 8)The good, the bad and the ugly 9)Frank Sinatra 10)Side Salad

Heck, that was brilliant! I actually contributed a couple of answers to my group (3 and 10, only because they’ve done the rest while I was enjoying my pizza!).
To complete my night, the mc announced 3 magical words...”the SCIENCE category!”. It was music to my ears~! (sad to say *sheepish grin*). I was beginning to feel hyper and got shivery by the second, probably due to the 2 cans of pepsi I’ve downed.
So I got the first question wrong...I thought gold was a better conductor than silver, only to find it’s the other way round (buggeration), but I still score with the other questions! Who knows that the platypus and echidna are egg laying mammals? I DO!! Who knows that dogs don’t sweat? I DO!! Who knows that the epligottis stops food from entering the wind pipe? I DO!! Well, only after 5 seconds of handing in our answer sheet, but who cares!
It was a great night...I found out the names of the 2 British blokes and German fella, whom I’ve been living in the same building with for 2 months. I realised I’m actually quite knowlegable in some categories, even if it’s not knowing that Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest American President. Of course, Union in sanscript (Indian) is yoga! Who wouldn’t know that! Yoga...Union...makes sense doesn’t it! -.-

Theodore says: LOL~ Yoga...Union...LOL
(i gotta get SOMEONE to laugh at my joke~!)

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