Sunday, 22 January 2012

CNY Eve old pal called and asked if I wanted to meet up for a CNY meal.
Despite exams looming, I said '好啊!没问题!'
She made immediate reservations to a restaurant of her choice.
I asked for the name of the restaurant to which she replied 'I don't know. It's too long. I'll email the link to you.'

The following describes my reaction when I saw the name of the restaurant in which we will be dining on Chinese New Year's Eve 2012.
Award-winning restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, who needs massive family reunions and unconditional love! *silent sob*

Love the red, white and black theme going on.
Our menu for the day.
For starters: Salmon carpaccio
Egg Cocotte
...which I finished before remembering to take a photo.
The bowl's pretty cool though

Cold Jerusalem artichoke soup
For mains: Ox cheek with celeriac mousseline
Pan fried sea bream with vierge sauce
For dessert: Mango mousse and coulis with sorbet
Chocolate mousse with bitter chocolate sorbet and oreo cookie crumb
All the while staring at young, sexy chefs preparing our food.
Look at them go...
Who would've thought men would look 10 times hotter when julienne-ing a pineapple

So that was the night we stuffed ourselves silly with food to fill the emptiness that this city has brought unto us. Nevertheless, the effect was short acting and I returned to my flat longing to be in close proximity with my loved ones at 30 Brooke Drive, Rejang Park and Lim Han Swee. Yeeup...I forgot the full address for the other two residences.

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BronzyBaby said...

Aww..Happy CNY all the same, Lea. The food looks amazing! =)