Wednesday, 8 August 2012


On my way to work this morning, I unearthed my mp3 player and turned it on for the first time in a whole year.

After the first couple of songs, a familiar tune rang in my ears.

Have you ever watched a movie when you were really young, and then re-watch it when you're older? Did you have that "Oh my gosh! So that's what it actually meant!" moment?

Well, it happened while I was listening to that song. I have always loved the melody, but brushed past the lyrics as just another love song, despite knowing it by heart.

命中注定, 上帝说原谅你, 要我们黏在一起
还是爱你, 没办法讨厌你
命中注定, 上帝说就是你, 我想念你的呼吸
我只爱你, 姐妹说忘记你

As I walked along the pedestrian, I muttered a silent "Ohhh, I get it" to no one in particular. I have loved, and lost, and loved again (repeat cycle a couple more times). I know what the song means.

I love how it is God that decides our fate.

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