Saturday, 14 July 2012

Every once in a while the barrier is weakened.

You forget the reason you had to be strong. You give up on trying to fight for whatever you're fighting for. You give in to the very forces that denies you peace.

There are times all that I've done wrong just comes crashing down on me: my regrets, my wrong choices, my wrong-doings.

Most days, I am able to reason with myself to ensure that I have made the right choices, that what's done is done, that I can learnt from the past.

But sometimes, I just wish I was a completely different person, who have chosen a different path in life.

On a day like this, I wonder who could ever love me for who I am, other than God.

Who could genuinely love a person with so many flaws when there are better people to love in the world?

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