Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sends shivers down my spine

Remember the last time you heard a song which was soooo good that you had goosebumps?

It had been such a long time since I had that little shudder of pleasure.

And then a friend posted up a video of Les Miserables' 10th anniversary youtube video on facebook.

Oh my days, I forgot how good that was.

I was so excited when the 25th anniversary videos were available on youtube. Yes, Colm Wilkinson and Michael Ball will be my first loves, but Alfie Boe and Norm Lewis were pretty good.

And then Nick Jonas appeared. I'm not against pop singers but...

It was the passion of Marius (Michael Ball) in this song that had me falling hard and fast. *Cue goosebumps*

And then we have a sudden lapse of judgement by the producers of the 25th anniversary production.
Like, seriously?! Where's Josh Groban when you need him?

Another great broadway love song that melts my heart.

Why am I not into ditsy Korean pop, Gaga or whatever strange new thing that comes up? Because I've heard good music.

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