Thursday, 10 March 2011

Had an amazing Bath!

The date was 5th of March two-oh-one-one. 'Twas a regularly, ol' Saturday for most...
...but an adventure for moi!


Destination: Bath, UK

Mode of Transport: Train (that was delayed by an hour -.-)

Weather: White clouds with sunny intervals says BBC weather.
Pish was freezing!

Travel Buddy: Eric
Naw...Just messin' with ya.

Bath Abbey

Basically just a big, ancient church ><

Pulteney Bridge
'Tis a pretty bridge

Sally Lunn's, Bath's oldest House, c.1482
'Tis old indeed.

The Roman Baths
I have a feeling this is where Bath got it's name. I could be wrong.

When the munchies attack:

Breakfast at the Guildhall Market

Afternoon Tea in the Pump Room
where we savoured the famous Bath Buns

Dinner with our guest star at Yak Yeti Yak!
the lovely Ting Huong Eng!
Lack of photos due to rapid consumption of food

Sally Lunn's historical buns
No, I'm not talking about her gluteus maximus region

A delicious toffee apple...
...rolled in dark chocolate chips and studded with fluffy marshmallows

Yeah, I'm gonna rub it in reeeeaaaaal deep.

Dang...I ate all my souvenirs.

Souvenirs: Not anymore

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mic mic said...

Heysss. awesome pics! nice place lahhh... but when did eric start wearing specs?! n aww.. hope u guys had a great time!! :)