Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dinner Menu

French Onion Soup
Painstakingly sliced onions and caramelised onions, de-glazed with dry white wine and simmered in beef stock...Deliciously fragrant but onions could do with more caramelising.

Mini dinner rolls
Needs work...failed to produce the crispy crust I so adore and under seasoned.

Japanese Melon Pan (similar to HK bo lor bao)
Delish! Soft, milky flavoured buns (although a tad dry and could be fluffier) wrapped in a sweet, crispy pastry crust.

Cooking is my antidepressant, my relaxant, my LSD, my serotonin and dopamine stimulant... If only I could be better.

1 comment:

Princess Dory said...

Cook more! Then u'll get better! Nice nice! :D I wish I can cook here. Sadly my hostel doesn't allow cookin :\