Friday, 25 February 2011

Dreams and Ambitions

At that age when I started having crushes, but just before steady dating, I used to daydream about unadulterated romance: sappy love songs, fireworks, bunches of beautiful flowers, cosy picnics, exaggerated declarations of love, rooms filled with helium balloons, love letters, radio dedications, weekend trips away...

At that age when I started having to choose a career path, but just before experiencing life changing failures, I had huge ambitions of being at the top of the professional society; well respected career, multiple degrees, PhDs, top results in education, world class universities, above average income...

Looking back, I wonder what happened to that drive of wanting to be a cut above the rest. Failure has left me settling for a probable career that I have no passion for; to settle for average results; to avoid risks in my relationships.

I AM studying at a wonderful university, averaging at 2:1 without much effort, high chances of employment with a steady income and in a stable relationship despite the lacking spontaneity and oomph.

Should I be content with what I have?

Or should I
...strive for a first?
...register in various different countries as a Pharmacist? the world before concentrating on my career?
...apply for a place at a cookery school for a year?
...find my passion? more spontaneous and romantic?

Shouldn't my personal development be showing an exponential growth instead of plateauing?

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