Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Awakened by malcontent-ment-ness

Here's a basic English lesson. We shall be learning about the annoying properties of a "flaky person". That's F-L-A-K-Y, like a serious case of dandruff.

A flaky person is someone who is not reliable or stable. They tend to make commitments they can't keep and change their mind rapidly for no apparent reason - says reference dot com.

Example 1: Damn it, she's promised to meet us here right now but she just called to cancel off! (Flaky person alert!)

Example 2: Darling, I know I promised to take you to Disney World today but I'm feeling a tad lazy. So yeah.... (Flaky person alert!)

Oh yes, people *with US minority attitude* you better believe there is a name for your condition. Mm hmmm.... *finger snaps to add drama*

Advice for flakers: One could only take so much flaking before getting fed up and dumping your sorry, flaky assicles. Unless you're friends with a saint, stop the insanity!

Solution: Stop making promises you can't be bothered to keep, huh!

P/S Malcontentmentness probably isn't a real word... Assicles isn't one either.

Class dismissed.

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