Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Makes me happy 2 =)

It was just after dinner, the 4 of us were sitting at the dining table sipping our concoction of baileys irish cream, hot cocoa and coffee.

We were discussing our experiences as volunteers to feed the homeless. It was then we realised how lucky we all are: having supportive parents, having a roof above our heads, being able to spend money to buy our much needed daily fix of baileys.

We often forget how blessed our lives are and that God is always providing.

So...I shall remind myself by posting the little things that makes me smile each day. Which will be a couple of times a month XD

But for today, it's.....

1) Eating peanut butter and banana on toast

2) Revising and making notes for 5 hours straight...well, only at the end of it. =D

3) The ending of 'Never Been Kissed'...ever so sweet ^^

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