Wednesday, 5 August 2009

UK vs M'sia 3

No. 3

Ah...the weather...Easily everybody's first choice of topic. However, it's the Briton's favourite topic. Now, why is that?


Cause it's exciting! You'll never know what you're gonna get. You'll wake up to a sunny sky, walk out into the rain in bikinis and lay on a field of grass wishing you hadn't just worn you woolly jumper as it seems that the clouds are gonna clear soon. Over here, your first words to your future spouse may be "Dreadful weather, innit" or "It's such a nice day today". The weatherman is never to be trusted and bbc weather is known as a complete fraud.

You spend one week cursing the hot weather and wishing the whole of your city is trapped in a bubble with permanent air conditioning. Then, you'll experience a breezy, cloudy week trying to ignore the massive thunderstorm cloud forming above your head. Following that, you'll get a week of non-stop rain with deafening thunders and lightning flashes that causes power-outs, causing you to swear at the weather for another week. The whole cycle repeats again, making the weatherman's job fairly easy.


Reubs said...

Hey Lea! Got a math assignment that has to do with drug administration so in short.. I NEED HELP!!! TT

*with asking to see if lea can help or not*

the question goes:
A man is given k amount of drugs over 4 hours intravenously. The man's kidneys remove approx. 2.5% of the drug every hour. Given that this addition and removal is continuous, find f(x) that models the amount of drug in his body.

LeaLLY said...

haha! dude...that's not really drug administration. That's just....math....on functions....which i don't remember...XD solly!

LeaLLY said...
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