Saturday, 31 January 2009

dedicated to u, ronny~

Happy CNY guys....

Due to the exam period, I couldn't go out much, but I did go to this one CNY fair held at UCL's Singaporean society. Lemme just tell ya, there are a heck load of Singaporeans here in the UK, studying...I think the whole country moved here! And they know each other too!!

This is my Singaporean friend who is a super genius, EM1 type student (hint : i not stupid).

Guess what they're selling!!!

KAYA TOAST!!! Oh yeah~ for 1 POUND a piece !!!

SAGO drink!! For a whopping 1.50...POUNDS!!!

Kacang Putih (yeah, they mispelt it). Would u like a teeny weeny bag for 0.80p??

Caligraphy contest...See, he's not even chinese!

London's longest 'lo hei', so they say!
Well, that's done...guess if I'd bought anything...go on! NO~!! Haha....1.50 pounds for milo and 2.50 pounds for a mua chi is kinda too much...See, ron...this is why I don't have pictures of gourmet food like u have! Unless, u know...u come here and pay it for me ^^!! Honestly, I even think TWICE before I use a piece of tissue...GAH!! *wipes snot off on sleeve*
While I was slaving away trying to understand the stinking urea cycle or how non-visible (can we even say they exist!) electrons jump around on a piece of paper, my super duper EMI friend, Philana and a Cynthia (short intro: studying law at UCL, HKie, sweet!), went to bake some EGG TARTS!!! Egg tarts, I tell you...

Despite of the fun:work ratio pictures I have...believe me when I say....I only spent around 1/2 an hour at the CNY fair...and the next 2 weeks staring blankly at my notes and textbooks...

Oh...and here's one for the CODE GEASS fans...LOL! Took a shot of this at the frozen section of a supermarket.
"ALL HAIL BRITANNIA's finest beef dripping"

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