Sunday, 27 January 2008

Time flies...!

5 more months 'til I can go home to receive my more-than-deserved pampering!!! I can't believe how fast time flies nowadays. I mean, last year, I was practically begging and screaming at the clock to move faster...despairingly it still ticks it's ever so annoying steady tocks. (k, that's a weird expression).

These few weeks, I found myself of thinking about the weirdest questions...
For example...
1) What causes a hangover (something to do with the lack of water in the body and the Krebs cycle);
2) is a cold actually caused my getting caught in the rain or being exposed to chills (no it doesn't! and the cold air doesn't even inactivate your immune system!) ?

I gotta say, I find it annoying when people tell me in an ever so fragile way that "Oh, I can't go under the rain because my weak and frail body will cause me to have a cold the next day. Woe is me~"

Anyway! My college is being a ****head (fill in the blank with ur own colourful word) for blocking my blogspot website. I mean, none of the others are blocked..only MINE! So, I can only update (considering I have the inspiration) during the holidays when I'm away from that wretched place. Okay, so maybe it isn't really a bad place...with free laundry services, a cozy bed with pillows and duvet, good food....i'm gonna miss my college one day...BUT not too soon. HEH!

Life's pretty hectic here at the mo (that might be why time seems to fly)...uni applications, interviews, exams, course works, bla bla bla...*and she drones on and on without a care in the world......*

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