Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy Noo Year!!!

Oh my freakin''s 2008!!! Let's see, I'm TWO decades old this year, I haven't grown any taller (dammit), I have no university to go to...I...I...I'm scared...and old!!~ I'm freaking out here, people...2008 is supposed to be a good year...a new start for lots of people.
  • PMRers are jumping up to Form 4 (e.g. my bro: congrats to him for not failing! not forgetting Ian who's got really great results.)
  • SPMers are getting ready for the gruelling STPM (well, 2007's 5th formers e.g. Mic? Those guys...*shrug*) or
  • just trying to flee the country (e.g. Terry, I'm onto you...)
I haven't gone out much to do exciting stuff as many of u guys did, since..well, I'm stuck here...alone...with not much company. Plus, my camera's totally useless to take proper pictures, so I just found some images on the net to show u what I've seen around here.

Debenhams...It was red last year (2006), the lights, i mean...

Just at the very end of Oxford street...or beginning...?

John Lewis..Ooh~ pretty lights *drools*.

Marks & Spencer

For New Year's eve, I had a 3 dish meal with rice 'take away'ed from China Town *ahiaks!*. Ok, I know it's sad...but as long as I have my fragrant Jasmine rice,

XO seafood and tofu hotpot
(minus the hotpot cause they didn't wanna give it to me. I wonder why though...),
roast duck,

spare ribs with BBQ sauce,and Grey's Anatomy back to back...

I'm perfectly peachy. my meal didn't look as good as the pictures, sinced they were all stuffed in take away boxes which leaked in every corner, and had to be microved to keep warm... but it was still yummy! Moving on~! New Year Resolutions...This year, I will...I new year resolution make up some new year resolutions! Next topic!

Anyway...good luck to everyone this year. Remember the mistakes made last year, and try not to do them again! That's my advice...from me to out!

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