Monday, 7 November 2011

Halloween marks the end of October and the beginning of sweet, sweet November!

Yes, I carved that on a single pumpkin the size of a 'sepak takraw' ball. Well, not so much carve as STAB with a blunt steak knife.

On a totally non-related matter, I have finally come to love my new tiny studio flat and it's starting to feel more homey. I was planning to have it decorated in a cosy, country cottage-styled theme; but that failed miserably as I tend to over-do on colours. So I suppose I'm stuck with the pre-teen slash crazy-hoarder look for the year.

Ze sofa bed & shelves

Ze flat-screen TV and steps to loft
Ze kitchenette

Ze window

Ze loft


BronzyBaby said...

LOVE the look of your place! It's so colourful and happy-looking. =D

LeaLLY said...

Aw..thanks Jan! I've been told it's a mess!