Saturday, 23 July 2011

Communication one of the many keys to a good relationship, ANY relationship.

Do NOT expect people to read your minds, no matter how truly close you are.

I mean, does this even make any sense:
"My boyfriend should know today is our 150th day anniversary. Why isn't he buying me flowers? *whine*"

Girls, don't expect your man to magically understand your feelings because...they just DON'T

Male pride gets in the way sometimes as well:
"She should well know I hate it when she talks to that guy. But I'm just gonna simmer in my own anger until she uses her telepathic powers to see that I'm upset"

Boys, we aren't psychic! We're not gonna know what's bothering you unless you tell us!

Don't we all wish we'd empathise and understand each other via skin to skin osmosis diffusion. That'll make life so much simpler.

I'm not one to truly understand another person's situation or reasons. Understanding just does not come that easily to me. I believe me my mind is, despite being 2 decades old, slightly under-ripe and immature. Confusing as some matters can be, we've just gotta learn to accept, have FAITH and move on.

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BronzyBaby said...

That, my friend, is so true. Communication is the key to any relationship.