Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Yes! A proper post!!

It's been a while, hasn't it...But all of a sudden, I get this *click* in my head accompanied by a lil' voice saying 'Forget about the past! Forget about everything! Start anew...'

So here we go!

Lea's a UNIVERSITY STUDENT!! Wow...that still sounds so weird to me...I can never see myself past a high-schooler. hehe! Let's skip all the boring stuff and get to the interesting events!!!

Why life is so cool right now
  1. My campus is the whole CITY OF LONDON!
  2. My residential hall is so close that I practically ROLL OVER out of my bed towards my uni
  3. The major part of my uni is only made up of ONE building...
  4. Yeah, yeah...Arvind...We know it's actually THREE buildings...but we only use 1, don't we!
  5. My uni is small enough for me to know almost EVERYONE!
  6. Seniors are so swell here...freshers don't get bullied...we bully them! What's more, they still wanna hang with us after that~ hee
  7. My gang of friends are so knit tight we actually (unconsciously) call ourselves 'the crew'
  8. We have nicknames for each other too -.-!!
  9. And it's only been 1 month since we knew each other~~
  10. I'm 'lili' by the way...don't ask me why *rolls eyes*
  11. I'm well known by lecturers!!!
  12. ...because I sleep in lectures...^^V
  13. And get caught twice in a week...(I know...I shouldn't seem so proud about this *guilty look*)
  14. I don't get kicked out of the badminton team even when I suck like a hungry hippo with a straw.
  15. I met many other Christians, in campus, off campus and get together to praise our amazing GOD!
  16. If a christian senior refuses to give me his work, I'd say....'What would Jesus do, ei...?'
  17. Number 16 was a joke...><

I'm not gonna post photos here, cause they're all on facebook....=) Go have a look-see! The smile on my face is genuine...that is, unless it's a cheeky look~~


phe said...

aww..i'm so happy to hear tat.. uni sounds FUN for u.. praise God for tat!!! =)

terrrrr said...

lol u sound rather contented anyway IVE SENT U AN EMAIL GO READ HAHAHAH!