Wednesday, 28 May 2008

What's going on....

Haven't really got the mood or inspiration to update, but here we go anyway... It's spring approaching summer here. There was a heat wave earlier (27 degrees celcius) and it was as hot as a baking potato!! Pardon my unsophisticated i mentioned earlier...ain't really got the mood.
Well, barbeques are going on everywhere...yes, this is what we do here when it gets HOT. We've already had a couple here in school.

A levelers have the time to....
and...(including teachers!)
Below from left to right: Claire, Shirley, Mr A. Levenger (my math teacher), me and up front, our favourite doggie, Ginsy.

The IB'ers (Students studying International Bach...laundrette...sth like that) were stuck inside studying for their exams which was a month before A levels (meaning, they finished school by now...leaving us A levelers stuck in school)

Here's a picture of us stuffing ourselves (me and christine anyway Xp) with food...barbequed cumberland sausages are die for!!

Sixth formers HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED ALL their lessons and classes. Basically, it's just revision and exams from now...Wow, secondary school is almost over! Time for TERTIARY school!! LOL!
Life for me isn't going according to plan...actually, God has refused most of my plans and He's leading me somewhere I've never expected...Fuh!!! I'm confused....But, he knows what's good for me. I pray He'll always hold my hand and guide me cause I'm SOOOO blind..... O~kay...I'm monologuing now...Best be off now...

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